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Travel Safety Tips For The Holidays

Updated on November 11, 2008

Travel Saftey Tips

Travel Safety Tips
Travel Safety Tips

Travel Safety Tips

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Make Sure Your Vacation During The Holidays Is Safe

You need to be especially careful during the Holiday Season to insure that you and your family are safe on your travels during the Holiday Season. Below are some things you should do.

1. When you are traveling along or with children make sure you only go to service stations for gas in very well lighted areas. Stay near the highway for greater saftey. If your traveling a long distance try to fill your car up any time your car fuel gauge gets down to 1/4 full or lower. Resist the urge to go on down the road for cheaper gas.

2. Keep a exmergency kit in your car. This should include a first aid kit , a couple of blankets ,a folding shovel, toilet paper,baby wipes,  12 small bottles of water and don't forget a couple of cans of Fix A Flat. If your going to be traveling in remote areas of the country include signal flares and a CB Walkie Talkie. In almost all  of the USA you can use a Cellular Phone to call 911. Though in some of the more remote areas of the country you may have to give landmarks or road crossings to the 911 operator to let them know where your at.

3. When you plan your trip make your hotel or motel reservations before you leave home. Resist the urge to wait until you get to your destination. Don't arrive at your destination at 3 am and try to find a room. Have everything already lined up and if your going to be late at night arriving at your destination call aead and let the staff at your hotel or motel know. And remember to ask ahead about saftey at the hotel or motel where your going. Insist on a room or rooms in the safest area of the hotel or motel.

4. Read a newspaper online about your destination city. This way if there are problems of any kind in your destination city you should find out by reading the online newspaper. Most newspapers now have a online version.

5. If you or one of your family members has serious health problems know ahead of time a doctors offic and number in your destination city. Also know where the emergency room is. Take all of your insurance papers with you in a folder so they will be readily available if needed. If you or some one in your family has serious health problems take along a copy of that persons medical records in case they are needed.

6. If your taking your pet or pets with you on vacation be sure you ask ahead of time if your destination hotel or motel accepts pets. You don't want to arrive at 4 am in your destination city only to get turned away because of Fido or Fluffy.

7. Take the insurance on your rental car. Yes you do need it even if you think you don't. Also consider travel insurance. Ask your auto insurance agent what kind of travel insurance they may offer.

8. Resist the urge to use your cellular phone in heavy traffic. In some areas of the USA it is now illegal to use a cellular phone while driving a car. Consider getting a Blue Tooth Wireless device to use with your cellular phone.

9. Don't give out information to people you may meet at your hotel or motel. Don't give people a ride that you really don't know. If your approached by a suspicious person report it to the hotel or motel staff or if you feel your in danger call 911. Its always better to be safe than sorry.

10. Consider buying a door alarm at Radio Shack or a simular place to use on your hotel or motel room door at night.

11. Do your exploring in the day light hours. Resist driving into areas at night that you really aren't familiar with. And don't be embarased to stop and ask directions if you need to.

12. If your traveling to a city your going to be visiting often you should consider purchasing a map of the city for the city your going to be visiting.  

What Kind Of Travel Saftey Tips Can You Come Up With? Do You Have Any Comments Post Them Below.

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