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Travel Tips, What To Pack In Your Suitcase For A Cruise.

Updated on June 24, 2017

Cruise Life

Cool breezes and blue seas as far as the eye can see!
Cool breezes and blue seas as far as the eye can see! | Source

Exciting To Go On A Cruise Holiday

  • This is such a wonderful way to see the world and stay put without having to lug cases around from one city to the next.
  • I was thinking on the lines of a bus tour. If it is Tuesday it must be Belgium. Early into your bus and you start the next leg of your trip. Exhausting to say the least!

Cool Bags And Shoes

Cute Quirky Chicken Print

Cute Quirky Chicken Print on a bag for a lighthearted approach to your vacation!

Pack ready go... cruise...

Get up and go cruising to an island or three!
Get up and go cruising to an island or three! | Source

Nothing As Exciting As Going On A Cruise

  • The thrill of cruising around islands is unparalleled.
  • Packing for a week or ten days on a cruise holiday needs some careful thought!

Are You Packed And ReadyTo Cruise

Preparation for your cruise is so important!
Preparation for your cruise is so important! | Source

Great Sandy Nude Colour Swimwear For A Cool Look

  • Love the soft colours that blend in with the colours of the beach.

Cool Swimwear

Cool nude colour swimwear for a day at the beach
Cool nude colour swimwear for a day at the beach | Source

Bye Bye Winter!

Your ideas for your cruise wardrobe should reflect your holiday attitude with an uncluttered look and carefree style that speaks of being free from the stuffiness of a winter that you are leaving behind, even if it is only for a while!

On our cruise in the Caribbean many of the passengers were from New York and had left behind the freezing weather up north.

Cool Batik Inspired Beachwear

Batik design pattern fabrics are making a comeback
Batik design pattern fabrics are making a comeback | Source

Well prepared and relaxed.

The Caribbean islands are beautiful and so here are some tips for you, if you choose a tropical cruise and what to take with you.

As long as your paper work is all in order you should be ready to pack.

Cruises are so relaxing!

Ships to choose from.
Ships to choose from. | Source

A Ship In View

  • Never let the emotional buzz of a cruise make one overspend on items for your suit case.
  • There are lots of ports where you can spread your spending money on some beautiful items!

Vacation Tops

Lovely soft white beach dress or cover up.

Cool white beach cover up for wearing to the beach or after a long day of sea and sun.
Cool white beach cover up for wearing to the beach or after a long day of sea and sun.

Sarong Song


Enjoy Your Cruise Wardrobe Search.

Hope you get some ideas from our personal experience in packing and what you need take, on your well deserved sea adventure! Get a note pad to jot down some ideas while out and about.

Take a camera for some added inspiration that you come across. Remember to add texture to your choices as not to look too dull and boring.

Cool Aquamarine

Tribal Look Bangle And Bags
Tribal Look Bangle And Bags | Source

Tips For Packing

  • Choose your colour palette and work round these, making an exciting set of vacation clothing and accessories.
  • Get inspired from the world around you. Beautiful schemes from sky, sea and mountains. The dull colours with bright, also work very well together. . Denim blue with bright yellow or red.
  • Deep navy blue with red, yellow or white.
  • Deep aquamarine with a splash of bright red in a belt or scarf.
  • Plan your budget and choose accordingly

Sitting Pretty On Your Tropical Island

Great beach bag or shopping tote for all your extras!
Great beach bag or shopping tote for all your extras! | Source

Some Items to pack

    • Choose the basic colours you love and know that suit you and choose accordingly. Mixing and matching clothing and accessories can save you a great deal of cash. Tops in various colours and textures can be teamed up with one or two pairs of shorts and skirts.
    • Remember a hat, sunscreen and flip flops for the scorching tropical sand ,sea and sun! You do not want to look like a boiled lobster. We have seen someone on the ship who looked just like this. You can ruin your holiday by having to go to bed with sun stroke. Been there, done that. Not a pretty site!
    • You will need some formal clothing for the captains welcome dinner and some tropical attire for a tropical evening party round the pool area . This is in the form of a midnight buffet with all sorts of fruit, ice cream and everything you would call delicious.Buy yourselves a floral wreath at the embarkation lounge before you get on the ship.
    • The items at the shops on board are quite pricey, so save by bringing things like hats, books to read and a pair or two of sunglasses. Terrible to have to buy a very expensive pair, if you so happen to lose one on the deck.

Sea Green

Tropical Cool Colours
Tropical Cool Colours | Source

More things to pack

    • Take some shoes for your walking tours and some flip flops to match your outfits. Some smart sandals for the evening would also be advisable. If the weather is rough you might consider adding some sturdier ones for the rocking and rolling. Walking round the decks in high heels could be quite hazardous to say the least.
    • Remember to pack some medicine for stomach upsets etc. One sometimes eats different menus to the ones at home and consume much richer foods with gay abandon. Antacids, headache tablets and any prescription pills, you should not forget. Sea sick tablets are also a good idea, in case of a change in sea condition.
    • Pack a bathing costume or two and some sarongs to cover up after a morning on the deck. A peak that fits well on your head is also a great idea as some hats will take off never to be seen again. This is definitely the case when on a small craft shuttle from the ship to some little island for that excursion that you have been dreaming about! Better not to be without protection, for a morning away from the air conditioned atmosphere of the liner.

Ready To Sail

Beautiful Hull
Beautiful Hull | Source

Captain's Welcome Dinner Dress

Balmy Evening On Board.
Balmy Evening On Board. | Source

Unpack Once..that is all.

The great advantage of going on a ship vacation is that you will only need to unpack once. It will be refreshing after taking a long bus tours where you have to get off every evening and haul your luggage, in and out of hotel foyers!

When we go away I always pack in more clothes hangers as very few places including cruises have enough.

Abundant Tropical Flowers

Floral Beauty
Floral Beauty | Source

Some Good Denim Fashion Clothing And Accessories.

Denim blue is so easy to wear. The great thing it does not crease too easily.
Denim blue is so easy to wear. The great thing it does not crease too easily. | Source

Choose Your Luggage Wisely.

  • Make sure that you have a light but sturdy suitcase, for all your items, and the ones that you might buy on the islands. It is very exciting to budget some money for a shopping spree at some little market on one of the shore excursions.
  • When you purchase an item, it is even better if you will be able to wear it back home round the pool. Some strange tee shirts just get shut away in a cupboard and look too over the top to venture out in.

Island Cruise Set

Cute Shorts And Tops
Cute Shorts And Tops | Source

Island Stop

cool shells
cool shells | Source

Tropical Prints For That Holiday Feeling!

Bold Floral Print On A Black Background.
Bold Floral Print On A Black Background. | Source

Pack A Sarong

Sarongs on the beach.
Sarongs on the beach. | Source

The Deck

Cool Caribbean Sounds.
Cool Caribbean Sounds. | Source

Land Holiday Or Cruise?

Do you love a cruise or prefer a tour on land.

See results

Bon Voyage and hope you come back with many tales to tell and some great video footage, so ...remember your camera!

Cool Luggage


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