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Travel With Your Pet

Updated on March 23, 2013

Adorable Small Dogs

I met adorable dogs in South Korea, where it is fashionable to color the dog's ears in bright colors.
I met adorable dogs in South Korea, where it is fashionable to color the dog's ears in bright colors.

Taking Your Dog on a Trip

I often go on road trips with my dog, particularly because when I travel to visit family members, they love to see my poodle. Sometimes I think that they want to keep him. When I will be away for a week or more, I usually take him along for the trip. Sometimes I drive for 11 or 12 hours. He loves to travel, but I want to make sure that he is safe and happy when we are on the road. So, whenever we go on a long drive I bring bottled water for him to drink along the way. I bring his leash, and his bed. His dog bed is washable, so I wash it right before the trip. It's also great to bring treats, a blanket, and pet-safe toys to keep your pet occupied in the backseat. My poodle usually sleeps for the entire trip.

Cute Pet Carrier Purses

Why not carry your pet with you in a cute bag that looks like a purse? You don't have to leave your pet in a hotel room while you are out and about seeing the sights. Just put your pet in a pet carrier purse and hit the road. If you choose the right bag no one will guess that you have a pet in your purse.

I recently had dinner with a group of friends, and one of my friends had been out shopping. We were sitting at a long table in a nice restaurant, laughing and talking. We began to ask about her purchases, and my friend shows us shoes, clothes, and then shows us a cute purse and reveals that she even bought a dog! We were all surprised to see her tiny puppy in this adorable bag, because we had no idea that she had a dog with her.She brought her dog along on another trip, and he seemed happy and content being with her in his comfy carrier bag.


Pet Hotels

When traveling with your pet, find out if there is a pet hotel or a pet motel. These accommodations are not for humans, of course. They are just for pets. On a trip to Alabama while working on an article as a travel writer, I placed my poodle in a nice pet spa while I stayed in a bed and breakfast that didn't accept pets. The hotel was a far cry from a pet boarding shop where pets are placed in cages.

My poodle had his own little room with a TV and a bed. The could look into the window and see my poodle relaxing. I suggest that you bring some of your pet's toys with you and give them to the pet spa attendants. In this particular spa, there was play time in which the pets were able to run and play with other pets outside in a supervised area. The pet hotel had a pet spa where pets can be bathed and manicured before you pick them up. Some pet hotels have cameras so pet owners can watch their pet on the Internet. I wouldn't feel guilty about leaving my poodle in a pet hotel, while I am taking it easy in a luxury hotel.

Pet Friendly Airlines

Here are some airlines that allow you to fly with your pet. Each airline has different rules.

Air Canada has pet friendly cabins, but pets cannot travel to Hawaii in the cabins.

American Airlines requires that no more than seven pets travel in the cabin at the same time, so be sure to book early.

AirTran also allow you to travel with your pet in the cabin. There is no weight restriction as long as the pet can fit in a carrier under the seat. A limited number of pets are allowed on the flight so book well in advance.

Continental will allow you to travel with small pets in the cabin.The same rules for Continental, also apply for United.

Deltawill allow pets to fly in the cabin as well. Pets must be able to fit under the seat in front.

Frontier Airlines allows small domesticated pets in the cabin. The fee is $75 one way.

JetBlue has a great handbook with a lot of helpful information related to traveling with your pet. Yes. You may travel with pets in the cabin.

Southwest Airlines has information on bringing pets onboard in its FAQs.

U.S. Airways also has a limit on the number of pets that are allowed on the flight. Book early.


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    • Claudine Williams profile image

      Claudine Williams 7 years ago from Atlanta

      Wow, very interesting information, EarthAngel. I'm going to research and maybe add additional capsules with my findings.

    • Earth Angel profile image

      Earth Angel 7 years ago

      Good Morning Again Claudine!

      Thanks for the lovely comments!! You are more than welcome for mine! It's nice to meet you here on HubPages!!

      I, too travel with my dogs! A little red/white shih tzu and red cocker! Mostly by car as handling two on the plane is a bit cumbersome! Plus, it is unsafe to allow our beloveds to fly with the baggage; the statistics for air travel deaths of pets in the luggage hold area is frightening to say the least!

      After 9/11 air travel with pets became much more restrictive! Drug traffic-operations have long used pets to smuggle cocaine/heroin across borders - slipping sealed pouches of drugs into newly spayed females!

      After 9/11 it was feared bomb makers would do the same so all pets flying unattended had to be quarantined for several days prior to flight! I think that may still be in effect!?

      Just another good reason why our sweet little ones need to be by our sides always!

      GREAT Hub! Thanks so much for sharing!

      Blessings always, Earth Angel!