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Tips to Travel Alone

Updated on October 24, 2015

Learn about where you are going

Whether you are traveling inside your home country or going abroad, make sure to learn about your destination. Try and look up the currency, weather, any laws that might affect you, public transport etc. This is important because if you are traveling alone you maybe will not have any help when you arrive at your destination. As a traveler not being confused about how things work at your destination can be very valuable.

Get Cash when you can

When you get to your destination make sure that you get some cash as quick as you are able. If you are traveling to a foreign country make sure to exchange your home currency for the country's currency. This is important because no one wants to get caught in another country with out that country's currency.


Don't try and drive in a foreign country

When you first get to a new country for the first time it is best to use a taxi if you can. It is very hard to try and drive yourself somewhere right after you get off a plane and are tired and maybe can not read the street signs. Unless you know the foreign country or have a car it is very hard to drive a rental car in a different country. If you take a cab or train when you first get to your destination it is usually a less stressful option to try and get to where you are going. How ever you get there, make sure to always keep the address for your hotel ready to check in a foreign country.


Mind the Food and Water quality

Make sure to check and see if the tap water is drinkable at your destination. If not, always remember to buy water bottles or get a water purifier. For the food if locals are eating something and everything seems clean and nothing seems wrong, the food is probably alright. Just mind things like ice and uncooked food. I have a policy that I don't drink water on the plane at all. It is always good to buy a water bottle past security and bring it with you for the plane ride.


Be sensible

Where ever you are going make sure that if you are traveling alone to always use your best judgment. Be sure to be aware and attentive. It is a good idea to always keep your wallet and passport or ID on you at all times. Don't let people take advantage of you but always be nice and respectful to the locals of the country or city you are visiting.


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