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Travel and Work in Perth Australia

Updated on April 27, 2011

Information on Perth

Perth is a city located on the Western coast of Australia. It is often described as the most isolated city on the planet because it takes a long flight or overland journey to reach another city. This region has developed because the area surrounding Perth is naturally rich in valuable resources which are mined and harvested. Whether looking to holiday or work in this city read on!

The city of Perth is home to roughly 1.7 million inhabitants and for visitors and immigrants exploring the city for the first time, it may seem like the population has a higher percentage of men than women. This is because the mining and resource industry is predominantly a male profession. These workers will typically work in shifts of a week or a fortnight on, and a week or fortnight off. When they’re off they naturally hit the town.

Unlike the East coast of Australia the West coast is still relatively undeveloped and is a great place for tourists to explore. Australia is a country spoilt with beaches and Perth is no different. With some 19 beaches to choose from, every type of traveler is catered for, and one can find a spot to gaze out over the Indian ocean.


What to do in Perth and Western Australia

Explore Perth. This city is an outdoor activity persons dream. For a start it is always sunny so booking a holiday here is almost risk free, and for those who like being outdoors, you can remain dry and catch some rays. All types of activities are on offer, walking, hiking, cycling, shopping, eating, museums, gardens. For those who like the water as already stated there are ample beaches and every water based activity covered.

Swimming with Whale Sharks. These beautiful majestic creatures visit the West coast between the months of April and June. One of the most peaceful and pacifistic creatures on the planet swimming with them is truly exciting, inspirational, and will leave you in awe.

Visit the Pinnacles in Nambung National Park. One of the strangest natural rock formations a person is ever likely to come across, these limestone formations rise out of the ground like some kind of stone forest.

Take a boat trip to Rottnest Island. This is a small island a short journey from from the city. Hire a bike when there and take in the beautiful scenery and beaches. Keep an eye out for the islands very own miniature kangaroo called a Quokka. Indulge in some water activities, everything is catered for, and spend the evening enjoying the fine dining on offer.

Take a drive to the Margaret River wine region. Roughly a three to four hour drive from Perth this area is home to over 60 boutique and commercial wineries. There are restaurants in abundance and rolling vineyards to take pictures of. Tour as many wineries as possible and sample the goods.


What Kind of Work is Available

Whilst the mining and resources industry is dominated by male workers there are still plenty of other kinds of work in Perth in areas such as office support, administration, hospitality and agriculture. Due to this cities isolation the average wage in all professions can be higher in this city than in other Australian cities to attract workers.

Many people who travel to Perth and Australia looking for work expect to land straight on an oil rig or down a mine and start earning $100,000 AUD a year or more. This is very far from reality. To work as a miner or on an oil rig, one needs to be qualified and/or make fantastic contacts to get a position. For those looking to start a career in one of these industries my advice is to study first. Look for engineering courses leaning towards those sectors. For others looking to get in without qualifications there are ways, such as driving the monstrous dumper trucks or even cleaning. To land one of these jobs a person needs to have contacts though. Start working in a bar that miners and oil workers workers frequent, travel around and talk to people. Network and your dreams may be answered.

For those looking for work in other sectors such as office and administration finding a job in Perth is no different than finding a job in another city. Register with recruitment agents and apply for jobs with companies directly. Those with skills and experience shouldn’t have any problems. Find more information on working in Australia here:

There are many harvest, farming, and winery jobs located throughout Western Australia, and living in Perth is a good place to find some. Check out the above link for more information on harvest and winery jobs in Australia.


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