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Travel between Chelmsford and London with public transport

Updated on April 9, 2013

Chelmsford train station


Train details

Chelmsford, Essex is approximately 35 miles from London and the easiest way to get there is by rail. It's a direct regional train between Chelmsford and London Liverpool Street.

If you're a daily commuter working in London or staying in Chelmsford during the Olympics, join the many thousands who travel by rail each day. Since I live in Chelmsford, I've put together the following guide.

Where in London can I get to by train?

  • You can travel by direct train to London Liverpool Street and Stratford.

Where do I find the train schedules to London Liverpool Street?

How do I buy a ticket?

  • You can buy your ticket in advance from the Greater Anglia site, and you will not pay any extra fees. Then you only need to print out your ticket from the machines at the station. You cannot only print at home, you will only receive an email with a confirmation code, you must use this code to print your tickets from the machines at the station.
  • You can buy your ticket at the ticket windows at the station.
  • You can buy your ticket from the machines at the station.

Are there discount tickets?

  • Yes, leisure tickets are available from National Express as well as railcard fares.
  • If you buy in advance from the Greater Anglia site (and then retrieve the tickets from the machine at the station), you will usually save money as 'advance ticket purchase' is usually cheaper.

When is the last train from London Liverpool Street to Chelmsford?

  • Check the schedule for your particular day. In general on a weekday it will be around 00.45 but 00.15 on Saturday and Sunday. Yes--the weekend trains will be earlier!

When is the last train from Chelmsford to London Liverpool Street?

  • Check the schedule for your particular day. This direction is earlier: weekdays and Saturdays will be around 23.25 and Sunday is 23.45.

Are there ever later trains?

  • Yes, for special events like the V Festival, Essex Pride and the Olympics, extra trains will be added that will run late. Always check the current schedule for up to date information.

When is the first train of the morning?

  • Check the schedule for your particular day, but in general it will be between 5 and 6 AM.

Is taking the late trains safe?

  • Yes, absolutely. Many people who work or go out in the city come home on the last trains of the night. Safety in numbers and always be aware of your surroundings. Many of those folks will exit with you and plenty of taxis are always waiting at the Chelmsford station upon your late return.

Does London Liverpool Street connect to the Tube?

  • Yes, London Liverpool Street rail station shares the building with the London Tube (subway). London Liverpool Street, on the Central Line (red colour) is your transfer point.

Does this line from Chelmsford stop at any other London Stations?

  • Yes! It stops at Stratford, home of the London Olympics Stadium. At Stratford you can transfer to the red Central Tube line, the grey Jubilee Tube line, the Docklands light rail, and other Greater Anglia services. In addition, other stops on the way to London may include: Ingatestone, Shenfield, Romford. Check the schedule though, as the express (commuter times) trains sometimes skip these stations on the way to London.

Can I use my train ticket for the Tube (underground) also?

  • Your 'normal' train ticket only takes you to London Liverpool Street. However, you can add on unlimited travel on the Tube to your train ticket for around £5 more, add on the Tube 'all day travel pass' when you buy your ticket.

How much does a train ticket cost?

  • It depends on when you are travelling, peak (commuter hours) tickets cost more than off-peak tickets.
  • See this page for the full details of Peak and off-peak. Peak is basically arriving in London before 10 or leaving London between 16.30 and 18.34, on Monday through Friday.
  • If you are travelling during Peak time AND you add on the unlimited Tube option, your day return will cost £32.60 for second class.
  • If you are travelling during off-Peak time AND you add on the unlimited Tube option, your day return will cost £20.70 for second class.
  • Weekly, monthly and annual tickets will also save you some money, if you will be here for an extended time.

Are there any special ticket deals or offers?

Yes, click here to see Anglia rail's deals and offers.

Other travel tips:

  • As a tourist, you can get many 2 for 1 offers in London, with your Greater Anglia ticket into London. My cousin visited last year and was able to save some cash on the London Eye and the Tate that way, as she and her friend both took the train in. The only things to remember: 1) You need to pre-register and print out the offer in advance (which is no issue to do in the days before you leave home, and if you do not take advantage of the offer, nothing is lost) and 2) You need to show your train ticket if request.

Any questions I missed? Please let me know in the comments section. :-)

Chelmsford rail station location

A markerchelmsford train station, chelmsford -
Chelmsford Rail Station, Chelmsford, Essex CM1, UK
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London Liverpool Street train station location

A markerlondon liverpool street train station -
London Liverpool Street Rail Station, City of London, London EC2M, UK
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    • uk_american profile image

      uk_american 5 years ago

      Ah super! :-)

    • profile image

      Jon 5 years ago

      Really? There are more Americans in Chelmsford? Me too!

    • uk_american profile image

      uk_american 6 years ago

      Many thanks for the kind words and encouragement.

    • alocsin profile image

      alocsin 6 years ago from Orange County, CA

      I've been to London a few times but have never been to Chelmsford. Thanks to your article, now I know what to do if ever my travels take me that way. Voting this Up and Useful.