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Travel deals on offer - train trips, flights, accommodation, hire cars

Updated on June 17, 2013
Travel deals on offer in Europe - train trips, flights, accommodation, hire cars
Travel deals on offer in Europe - train trips, flights, accommodation, hire cars | Source

The pulse

If you're planning a trip, this hub will let you know about the latest deals available from the main travel companies, such as Eurostar, Europcar etc on train fares, airfares, accommodation, hire cars etc, brought together in one convenient article that will be regularly updated.

This hub does not market any travel products but it lets you know what's going on so you can follow links to official sites offering deals in the global travel market right now.

The deals have no connection with the author. I offer the information in good faith but I bear no responsiblity for the information provided.

For my articles on travel tips for saving money without sacrificing the quality of your travel experiences see:

Eurostar ticket deals for summer 2013 - London to Paris from £69.

London to Nantes, France returns start from £109.

New - Route du Soleil, leaving weekly from London St Pancras from May until June, or head to Paris all Summer long from just £69.

Eurostar has also partnered with some hotels to give travellers up to 20% off the cost of the hotel*** by booking it along with your train tickets, staying in selected 3 and 4-star Paris hotels.

Flight deals

This section will list the latest flight deals:

Here are the latest international deals from Australia's national airline, Qantas . . . and domestic airfares to get around Australia. Qantas also offers partnerships with hotels to offer hotel deals.

Travel deals on offer in Europe - train trips, flights, accommodation, hire cars
Travel deals on offer in Europe - train trips, flights, accommodation, hire cars | Source

How to find the best deal in rental cars in Britain and mainland Europe is offering car deals

Beware the £9 a day offers. Whilst the offers can be real, especially if you book a long way ahead of time, the cost of hiring on the days you want in the location you want will cost a lot more. For example. collecting a car from an airport will cost extra, collecting in one place and returning to a different location will cost more.

Book early and be prepared to shop around.

For anyone travelling to Britain and collecting a car there, beware that car rental companies will usually only process payments from British credit card accounts with a British home address which matches the card address. Even a multicurrency debit travel card from Australia was not accepted.

To subscribe to deals yourself, has a free mobile app here:


Travel deals on offer in Europe - accommodation
Travel deals on offer in Europe - accommodation | Source

Finding houses and apartments to rent - owners direct and airbnb

In our travels we found Owner's Direct and Airbnb the most useful sites for finding rental apartments and houses.

Owner's is a site where owners of properties in Britain and other countries list their apartments, units or houses for rent. Once you reply to an advertisement you will be dealing with the owner, not a booking agency which can save time and money. Two bedroom apartments in London, for example are available from about £120 a night.

For English speakers who don't speak French, German, Italian etc, dealing with an English-speaking landlord is easier than finding accommodation in a country where you don't speak the language.

Changeover days are quite fixed in some locations. If you are booking for a week, find out the usualy changeover day as this will often bring up more options on a search, especially if you are not booking far ahead or if the time yhou choose is busy with local festivals or events.


Airbnb also is a listing by property owners of houses, units and apartments. It has listings in 192 countries.

Accommodation for two people in London for a week is available from around £85 a night.

Bath Abbey, England

Paris, city of romance


Almonta Beach, South Australia

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