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Travel to Corsica the Pearl of the Mediterranean Sea

Updated on September 10, 2011
Capicciola beach, South Eastern Corsica
Capicciola beach, South Eastern Corsica

Unspoilt island in the Mediterranean sea

The island of Corsica sits between Southern France and North Sardinia to the West side of Italy on the Mediterranean sea holding its position like someone who has a privilege room with a view. It is surrounded by limpid, crystal, sea and its vegetation is so green that one can hardly believe this island is just off North of Sardinia, considered the Caribbean of South Mediterranean. Corsica is the ideal place for those who love nature and hiking and, with its proximity to Continental Europe it is an ideal base for visiting Sardinia and West Southern France (which is part of) and North Italy.

Corsica is one of the most mountainous island in the Mediterranean, with the highest Pick, Mount Cinto at 2,706 mt while on the coastline there are more than 200 white sandy beaches many of them located nearby unspoilt harbours and hidden spots to die for. The rugged slopes that fall into the sea and the richness of forests woodlands and shrubs, combined with an endless and almost unspoilt coastline, makes this island the best kept secret of the Mediterranean sea . In fact It is also relatively unknown and less touristic than nearby, more famous, Sardinia while being in the proximity of southern France and Italy, enjoys a relative tranquillity.

Coastline of Corsica
Coastline of Corsica

A brief overview:

From the North the Peninsula the city of Bastia south of Cape Corse , is the first town with a port for boats and ferries arriving from the North of the Mediterranean. This area stands apart from the rest of the Island and it is considered an island on her own. History has moulded the culture in a very different way. Tiny little villages perched on the edge of rugged cliff are divided from little ports where the coastline is dotted by coves, rocky beaches and hidden tiny bays. The complete tour of Cape Corse, starting from St Florance, will take you to the village of Nonza a nice slate village with lovely flowers decorated balconies. At the north edge of the Cape the Mattei walk a windy sloppy road that offers extraordinary views from which one can see, in a very bright day, the Toscan coast of Italy and the Italian Islands of Isola D’Elba and the tiny Giglio island .


The lively town of Bastia is the second largest city of Corsica. Place St Nicolas is the hub of the town with its cafes and the large Avenue where you can sip your beer and enjoy the Mediterranean lazy summer afternoon. Not to be missed is the port and the Genovese citadel overlooking it with its honey houses and narrow sloppy little streets.


With over 1000 kilometres of coast line Corsica has one of the best selection of beaches of the entire Mediterranean sea.

North most famous beaches:

Plage the Lodo.

One of the most beautiful and isolated beaches in the northern Corsica, part of the Desert of Agriates, it is a white sandy long beach surrounded by turquoise water. It takes one hour to get to the beach by walk and ½ by car. Be aware that there are no facilities on the beach: no showers, bars anything. It is pretty wild and it can be very crowed on July and August.

Plage the Saleccia.

Further on at about 1 hour from plage the Lodo there is Plage Saleccia and equally stunning beach less croweded and more hidden. Very difficult to reach, the road leading to the beach is not recommended for cars as it can only be suitable for 4x4 and mountain bikes or Quad bike. The beach is on the D 81 in the Desert of Agriates and can also be reach from the bar Relais the Saleccia.

South East Corsica

With long sandy white beaches resemble the Caribbean, the south east Corsica offers a much more sophisticated kind of vacation with a hint of Italian style and beautiful elegant resorts and tourist villages. The south east very famous and renown beaches and elegant touristic villages like Porto Vecchio offers a different side of Corsica less rugged more docile and welcoming with some beaches to die for.

Porto Vecchio:

Perched on the hill overlooking the splendid bay with the important port , Porto Vecchio is an elegant village with restaurants and sophisticated boutiques and still retains its historic character but with a Cote D’Azure kind of style. Behind this elegant shops and restaurants located on the upper side of the town, Porto Vecchio is an important historic centre surrounded by the ancient Genovese walls that doesn’t failed to capture the tourist with its severe and high palaces build in 1500 century, Visit The Church of Saint Jean Baptiste and the bastion a Funtana Vechju with the hole made by Piero Corso when he conquered the city in 1584.

just behind the beach a lake with Cormorans.
just behind the beach a lake with Cormorans.



Tourists are really spoilt when it comes to choose the beaches in this area. There are so many beautiful and astonishing white sand beaches with crystal tourquise water to choose from that one can find it difficult where to go.

Porto Vecchio sits in the Cala Rossa area where Cala Rossa bay hold one of the most beautiful beaches in the area.


One of the most famous beaches in the area, Palombaggia consist of a series of coves leading to this long white beach that is truly spectacular. It is probably the most photographed beach because of the surrounding landscape where the blue and green water and the white sandy long beach create the perfect set resembling the Pacific islands.

Santa Giulia

Santa Giulia is a complex area of sandy golden beaches made just for tourists. It is the kind of beach that appeal to everyone who loves sun, sand and sea.


A natural horseshoe shape beach that is truly stunning and embraces a beautiful and grand bay with transparent blue water and rich in fishes.

One of the street in Porto Vecchio. South of Corsica
One of the street in Porto Vecchio. South of Corsica


Finally let me briefly describe Bonifacio, The extreme South east town that is leaning on the Golf of Bonifacio which separates Corsica from Sardinia. Bonifacio was originally a fortress established in 833 which has seen so many visitors and invaders from all over the Mediterranean. It is such an ancient place that even Homer mentioned Bonifacio in the Odyssey under the name of Laestrygonians.

Bonifacio sits on the edge of dramatic cliffs with the honey cobbled stones of the fortress's wall directly overlooking the sea. The ancient citadel maintains intact its walls and buildings from which one can admire an amazing view that makes Bonifacio one of the most spectacular town of the Mediterranean. Bonifacio is only 12 kilometres from Sardinia and it is more Italian than French where the local dialect is the Ligurian one. A busy city with a stunning port with destination to Italy, France and nearby amenities like the Lavezzi Island, Bonifacio has many cafes, restaurants and even a small but interesting acquarium. Walk or take the train and go from the Port up to the edge of the town to admire the spectacular view in particular the chunk of limestone that fall from the cliff into the sea and it is truly impressive. Otherwise you can take the car to go up to the Fortness and admire the view from these dramatic cliff.

Corsica is one of the most spectacular place in the Mediterranean and it is relatively unspoilt. I would recommend it to any one to come and visit this magical Island. There are much more to say about Corsica. Exploring the hinterland and the West Coast is something should not be missed. Welcome to the amazing Corsica.

The view from the Bonifacio's Fortress
The view from the Bonifacio's Fortress


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    • profile image

      Kerriann 3 years ago

      Thanks guys, I just about lost it loniokg for this.

    • laral profile image

      laral 6 years ago from England

      Thank you for stopping and leave a comment. I would love to link my hub with yours. La Maddalena is one of the best place in Italy to go to so I will very interested in your hub.

    • DemiMonde profile image

      Demi 6 years ago from Mobile, Alabama

      Love this! I have been to Bonifacio- such a beautiful place. My mother lived on La Maddelana in Sardinia. I am writing a hub on Sardinia and I would love to link to this hub (for Corsica) with your permission. Demi

    • laral profile image

      laral 6 years ago from England

      Hi Movie Master. Thank you for stopping here and reading my article. Corsica is still a stunning place and I can't wait go back and visit the hinterland and the west side coast. I am sure if you get back to Corsica you won't be disappointed.

    • Movie Master profile image

      Movie Master 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Hi Laral, this is a beautiful and informative hub on Corsica and the photos are fabulous, I visited Corsica about 15 years ago while on a Mediterranean cruise for a few hours, it's certainly got me thinking I'd like to go back there one day!

      Many thanks for sharing.