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Travel to Russia

Updated on September 15, 2011

Things you need to know before you leave for Russia

Russia has always been a subject of conversation in the world. When you think of Russia, the first thought which flashes on your mind is of its harsh winter, Vodka ,Banya, its natural beauty and of course the Red army. It is the largest country with nine time zones (reduced from 11 to 9). With such a vast area to explore it is very important that you go through all the useful tips which are shared here to make your trip to Russia the most enjoyable one without any troubles.

Visa- You have to be very cautious with it as the Russian immigration officials are very rigorous in this regard. Firstly, carefully choose the type of visa you want followed by a thorough search of the company which will provide you the invitation (a must for tourist and business visa). Without invitation the Russian embassies and consulates will never grant you a visa. Once you get your invitation, apply for your visa. Next step is the most crucial one. Always check if there are mistakes in your name, date of birth and passport number mentioned in your visa, if yes get them corrected before you leave as the Russian officials will not allow you to enter with any document which doesn't match your Visa. A lot of cases have been reported when the travellers had to suffer due to minor mistakes in their visas. So handle that part attentively.

Registration-Ok you got your Visa done and managed to get to Russia, another step to be followed in Russia is that ;within three days of your arrival register yourself with the OVIR (Russian Migration Services) ,failing that, you will again land up yourself in trouble. It is free of cost to register. The company who sent you an invitation is responsible to register you with the OVIR.OVIR will register you (you will get a registration slip) and will check your migration card (a migration card is a document which you fill while you're flying. Aeroflot and some other airlines provide it on board and you have to fill it and show it to the immigration officials before you enter). Remember to keep the migration card (stamped) & the registration slip safely as when you leave Russia, you"ll have to show them to the immigration officials again. You may also register yourself at the Russian post office.

Enjoy your stay in Russia.

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    • Rooskaya profile image

      Rooskaya 6 years ago from Russia

      Russia is extremely cold. The temperature from December to January goes down to 30/40 Degrees in North and East Russia. Prepare yourself well for your trip. You'll surely like it.

    • spsingh profile image

      spsingh 6 years ago from

      i love cold places I think i should choose Russia for my next trip :-)