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Travel to Sacred Places in Lourdes, France

Updated on August 29, 2014

Travel to Sacred Places in Lourdes France

Travel to Sacred Places in Lourdes France. I went to France twice and was able to go to Lourdes the second time I went there. Lourdes is located at southwest of France and is very near Spain already. Lourdes, France is a sacred place for Catholics.

Lourdes is a sacred Catholic destination and is a dream place to go for many devout Catholics. My mother specifically requested a rosary or any religious items which I can buy, of course, being a devout Catholic myself I was excited and happy to see Lourdes. France of course is a beautiful country and I am expecting to see more of the countryside, so ergo I went to visit Lourdes France from Paris. Transportation are modern and you can either ride by plane from Paris, train or bus.

Trip From Paris to Lourdes By Train

Charles de Gaulle International Airport at Paris, France Airport is modern and crowded and they have bus system which can transport you within Paris and you can go directly to the train station going to Lourdes. If you are flying, it is better as it is of course faster. I opt to ride the train. There are also buses which can transport you to the different sacred areas in Lourdes.

The trips are round the clock as there are many tourists who go there including train. I rode the TGV and it costs me less than 200 USD back and forth. You can buy advanced ticket but remember to print it out or you can go and buy at train station when you are in Paris or anywhere in France.

The key is to search in the Internet about the place you are going and ask friends who went there already so that you know what to expect and where to go specially if you are traveling without companion which I did.

Travel to Sacred Places in Lourdes France

Lourdes, France -- image is courtesy of wikipedia
Lourdes, France -- image is courtesy of wikipedia

Travel to Sacred Places in Lourdes France

Travel to Sacred Places in Lourdes France

Travel to Sacred Places in Lourdes France

What is Lourdes France known for?

Location of Lourdes

  • Lourdes is a small community in the Hautes Pyrenees in the Midi-Pyrenees region in South-western France. It is a small town only and it lies at the downhill of Pyrenees. it is approximately seven hours away form Paris France.
  • Lourdes, France, is visited by more than six million people from 170 different countries each year. A small village at the foot of the Pyrenees Mountains,
  • Lourdes has a population of 15,000 people and with 270 hotels -- Lourdes has the second greatest number of hotels per square kilometers in France after Paris.

Many people go to Lourdes because of :

  • Lourdes, France is famous because of the Marian apparitions of Our Lady of Lourdes that have occurred in 1858 through a 14 years old Berandette Soubiros. This is also depicted in the movie “The Song of Bernadette.”
  • spiritual healing --- There are also scheduled pilgrimage to Lourdes, and usually it is a voluntary work by religious person who assist people especially those with disabilities and wanted to be cured.
  • people who are disable physically are asking for miraculous healing and to have courage to fight their problems
  • Religious pilgrimage like the Catholic pilgrimage want to experience the sacred place
  • There is a fountain of water and it is said to be miraculous, you can see this in a glass cover and dispense spring water for visitors to wash their hands or drink.
  • There is a place where you can buy religious items near the many hotels plus you can also buy spring water for bringing home

Travel to Sacred Places in Lourdes France

The Cathedral, from the Massabielle cave side special thanks to Photographer: Jean-nol Lafargue
The Cathedral, from the Massabielle cave side special thanks to Photographer: Jean-nol Lafargue

Travel to Sacred Places in Lourdes France

What to See and Do at Lourdes

Lourdes Procession

  • The Lourdes Grotto is located in the Domaine Area which covers square miles and the Grotto is at the middle -- this is the place believed to be where Bernadette saw Virgin Mary.

    There are many people who carry with them candles and join the procession usually this happened at night, so those who are going there need to spend one or two nights for the entire activity plus visiting the place itself. it is just a small place so it is advisable to also visit the periphery. Thousands of pilgrims carrying lighted candles as a symbol of their faith join in the evening candlelight procession at Lourdes.

Hear the Masses and Services

  • People are assisted by volunteers in a cart specially the disable and they attend masses there. There is an underground Basilica where masses are held.

Baths at Lourdes

  • This includes seventeen tubs and some people who are disabled or sick are carried by some people who are dedicated to the cause, they are volunteers. Al, you need to do is queue and boy it is a long queue but the fun thing is that you can heard a lot of conversation and you can feel the air -- hope is everywhere, I like that. Each has their own turn and when it is your turn you are going to change your clothes to a dressing room and then you will be in a tub with s[pring water. The people who assist there will ask if you want to pray and then to be submerged in the water.
  • The water gives a feeling of freshness.

Conclusion :

It was a wonderful experience for me, I can see people who are sick and who have disabilities and have high hopes to be healed. That alone is good as I admire the overflowing of hope when we are confronted with sickness. Lourdes, France is a beautiful place to go  with a culture and sceneries with its own beauty.


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