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Travel to Ukraine

Updated on July 15, 2017
Downtown of Kharkiv from above.
Downtown of Kharkiv from above.

I live in Ukraine for more than 20 years. And today I want to share my experience with everyone who is currently looking for new places of our beautiful world to visit.

As an example, I took my native city Kharkiv. If you'll have a wish to know abot other cities of Ukraine, let me know. They are no less beautiful.

A places to visit in Kharkiv, Ukraine

For your convinience, I added a map with my marks on it. Not only I visited these places myself, but everyone I know will say you the same. These places are worth visiting. Even more than once. Hopefuly you will also like them. And if so, please return to my article and share your thoughts with everyone on this hub.

I marked six places. For me they are finest of all. However, you during your personal travel may easily find your own places and mark them for yourself. My little advise for you - share your experience with everyone who is fond of traveling, who is fond of seeing places of our magnificent world. With this little help our lives may become even more absolute and we'll see everything in full-scale.

One of the biggest cities in Ukraine

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A markerSvobody square -
майдан Свободи, Харків, Харківська область, Украина
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Centre of Kharkiv (It was the first capital of Ukraine, until World War II came. After that Kiev became the capital and remains capital until now).

B markerGorkiy Park -
Парк Горького, в'їзд Горького, Харків, Харківська область, Украина, 61000
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Attractions for everyone!

C markerFeldman EcoPark -
Лесное, Харьковская область, Украина, 62340
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A place to have a rest from the city.

D markerSarzhin Yar -
Саржин Яр, Харків, Харківська область, Украина, 61000
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Kharkiv is a green city. This place and many others can prove it.

E markerZhuravlevsky hydropark -
Журавлевский гидропарк, Харків, Харківська область, Украина, 61000
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Nice beaches and places to swim and to stroll around.

F markerKharkiv dolphinarium -
вулиця Сумська, 35, Харків, Харківська область, Украина, 61000
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You can watch dolphin show and also try diving with them and if needed a dolphin therapy is available.

Places to stay in Kharkiv

If you are looking for places to stay, Kharkiv can propose variants for every taste and wallet.

If you are one of couchserfers, I'll be pleased to share my room with you.

On the site you can find my profile or any other hosts available in city you are going.

But for those who wish to stay in hotels, you will find all the kinds. From 5-stars hotels like best in Kharkiv Premier Palace Hotel with average price € 100 to low-costers like Tourist Hotel with average price € 15.

You may also find interesting variants like hostels. For example, Hostel Kvartira 22 for price range from € 3 to € 15 per room.

You may find all the variants available on the site

Try your luck
Premier Palace
≈ € 100
Expensive, but very comfortable
Tourist Hotel
≈ € 15
Just sleep and go exploring
Hostel Kvartira 22
≈ € 3 - 15
Convinient and cosy
Creepy old house became surprise for me when I went for a walk on the road I never walked before.
Creepy old house became surprise for me when I went for a walk on the road I never walked before.


You never know what new day can bring into your life.

Although Kharkiv has an architect who tries to keep all the different buildings in one stile, it is impossible to restrain all the dreamers from fulfilling their dreams.

Kharkiv has not only modern buildings themselves. This unique city is covered with living history. Lots of buildings have plaques with short descriptions on them. And today they are accompanied with QR-codes, so that you may browse all information over your telephone or tablet.

Sumska street and Pushkinska street are the most beautiful streets of Kharkiv. Old buildings nowadays are mixed with some newcomers. This gives you peculiar feeling. This feeling will become your personal impression of Kharkiv.

Constitution Square
Constitution Square

Yes, obviously Kharkiv doesn't have any skyscrapers or so, but from the other side you can find a lively city, where students hurry to school, those who work hurry to earn money for life and everyone tries to fulfil their dreams.

This wonderful place not only can guarantee you something that you may read in guide, but also have some unexpected surprises. For example this year during April whole Kharkiv was covered in snow!

Early and late winter in Ukraine

Winter came early in November and lasted untill March. But after a month-long awakening of nature happened something nobody expected. Snow fell in April! All the green trees and flowers were covered in it.

And this was the time when you remember such phrases as "Winter is coming" and when you fell that you are not prepared for winter that long.

Winter is coming

Ukraine is a worth visiting at any time of year. During winter, you may visit Carpathian Mountains. During summer, Ukraine can offer two seas, The Sea of Azov and The Black Sea.


I live on the river Udy. And every evening, when I'm running, beautiful sunset meets me.

I can talk and show you my photographs of Ukraine for whole day long, but as usual it is better to see something ones than to hear about it hundred times.

Clear sky, green fields and forests at summer, thick snow at winter - these are just pieces of what you will get from your travel to my country. Don't forget to taste our national cuisine with the world famous borsch.

It is better to see something ones than to hear about it hundred times.

A growing country of big changes

Small changes today may have dramatic effect in the future.

We are trying to find our own way of developing. And already today we can see results of our past choices. Some may like it, some may not. As for me, we are moving in right direction. I hope that everything will become even better. And whole world will discover Ukraine as a pearl in an ocean. Let's make it today.

If you are still not sure whether it worth to visit or not, than this video may have a final word on your decision.

Hopefully I expressed at least part of what can you experience during your trip to Ukraine. There are a lot of nature to explore and cities to visit.

Should you face any questions, do not hesitate to ask. I will be glad to answer.

At the end, I would like to hear your opinion.

Do you want to visit Ukraine?

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