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Travel: One Step at a Time

Updated on July 9, 2012

Philippine Travel

There are just some travel tips that I have picked up from my daily travels that I would like to share. Specifically, if you are traveling to the Philippines, be prepared you will be experiencing extremes. From weather, food and people, the culture of the Philippines is just unique. You will either love us or hate us. But I promise you this, you will never forget your experience staying in the South East Asia.

If you love the great outdoors, roughing it up on camps, then more or less you are prepared to experience our very temperamental weather. Half of the year is dry and the other half is wet- complete with floods, lightning and thunderstorms. For those who love adventure, then you are going to the right place.

Another is food, if you are not used to eating rice and fish, then you will be in for a big surprise, we have them everyday as our daily staple at home. Don't worry we have fast food chains that sells burgers, fries and pizza. Therefore, prepare yourself that you will be eating out most of the time.

The people here are very hospitable and friendly. Do not be alarmed if you are going to be surrounded by gawking people from different ages. And we do speak English, we were taught from pre school to college. So, communicating with us is not a hindrance, just speak slowly and clearly.

If you have your currency with you, just bring a reasonable amount. There are a lot of money changers around, but I recommend you use those money changers that are inside a big mall. To name a few, these are the malls that you will feel at home: SM, Ayala, Robinson's & Gaisano. Most of our establishments accept Visa or Mastercard.

We have a variety of spas, malls, a lot of mountains and endless stretch of beach to choose from. You could easily search Boracay (Caticlan, Phillipnes) & Ariara (Palawan, Philippines). They are the two most popular location that is being recommended and written in various articles.

Ready to come to our country? Just visit,, & tigerairways,com to book your flight. And oh, don't forget your sunscreen.


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