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Traveling Europe with Missy our Naughty GPS

Updated on July 14, 2011

Grand Prix

Ready for the races
Ready for the races

Gary's first drive in France

The first moments of our 3 month adventure.

We’re on the road... literally.  We just arrived in Montpelier and got our lease/rental car... blurry eyed we hit our first Round-About and go round and round until we figure out which road Missy our naughty GPS wants us to take to get to the hotel.

We are both retired and in our 6th decade of life...and this is our first trip to Europe - We don’t know anyone and we are starting on a three month adventure with Missy as our only guide.

We will be spending a month each in France, Spain and Portugal.  Our language skills include bad American English, a course of high school French and a travel course in Mexican Spanish.

We have 3 travel/language books, one for each country and the car rental map of Europe.  We plan to make this adventure happen with lots and lots of preset way points which include all of our accomodations and places of interest. 

My husband has spent many hours coordinating his internet research with google map and our GPS, Missy. We plan on spending very little time in large well known cities.  Most of our trip will be spent driving country roads and getting to know small mountain villages, coastal fishing towns, medieval townships, wine country and whatever else we find of interest a long the way.

Confident or foolhardy who knows how this adventure will turn out.  Snug in our leased hard top convertible we are ready... but first we must exited this Round-About.


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    • Enlydia Listener profile image

      Enlydia Listener 7 years ago from trailer in the country

      Awessome, so glad that you were able to accomplish this gives me hope. My husband and I are approaching our 6th decade. Less than 2 years away for me. and 5 years for my husband.