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Traveling 2016: Lake Winnipeg

Updated on March 21, 2016

The best place to visit in Winnipeg is the lake. The locals here consider the shores of the lake as the “Coast” because of it being so sandy. It is just an hour drive from the city of Winnipeg as the trips are usually more than affordable, and beaches are nothing short of beautiful. The area has too many beaches and so, no matter how many people visit the region every day, the shores will never be too crowded.

Lake Winnipeg happens to be the largest lake in the world as it covers the area as that of the whole New Hampshire. There have been many efforts so that the lake can keep the area it has. It is a freshwater lake, and so the clarity of the water is too good. The residents here know the importance of keeping the shoreline and the use of preserving the qualities of the lake. The lake has the whitest and best beaches of Canada that are taken care of by over thirty communities. The Anglers come every year to fish the perch as well as the walleye, and the worshippers of the sun come to the white sandy beach. Some kiteboarders visit the lake during the summer time and the people who perform snow kite during the winter seasons. Lake Winnipeg is perfect to visit at any time of the year.

Lake Winnipeg is a must see

During the months of summer, the beaches along the warm water of the lake are bustling with crowds and in July-August months, the Patricia beach is the most crowded place as it is known for its picnics on the sand dunes and the walks on the sand bars of warm waters. The Victoria Beach is the place renowned for its resorts, and you can visit this place to have a stay in the cottages that made for you to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city in near the coolness of the lake waters.

The Icelandic Festival of Manitoba is one of the oldest ethnic festivals in North America, and it takes place every year in the first weeks of August. The celebration witnesses over 50000 visitors who come to feel the Viking inside of them. Some events are focussed on the families of the locals, and you can see the folk music along with the fireworks. You can also try out the wind sports that are played here during the spring seasons and during the fall time. The winter seasons see more extreme sports like snow kiting, snowmobiling, etc.

To travel around the area, you could rent a car as there is no public transportation system available here. The Patricia beach is on the south of the lake and is the closest one to Winnipeg. The Grand Beach is in the East, and the Victoria Beach situated in the southeast region. You can choose where to stay depending on what you want to do during your remain in Winnipeg.


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