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Traveling Nepal

Updated on February 11, 2013
Mount Everest
Mount Everest

Visiting Nepal and Preparing to travel and trek

Nepal lies in south asia . It's peaceful and beautiful country. Nepal is divided into 5 development regions . Each and every development region has own natural beauty. Once you go there I bet you will want to stay over there and not to come back :) . There are many things which you can do in Nepal. It has world's highest peak Mount everest which is a proud thing for them. Many tourist come to Nepal so there is nothing to worry if you will have problems and troubles over there.

Places to visit :-

Namchee bazar and Mount Everest right away from there

When you go to Nepal , a wish comes to see world's highest peak mountain and to spend a night over there. You should not lose your chance to go there once. It's awesome. Everywhere tourist and welcoming Nepalese are there. You will feel great that you went there. Food , staying guest house everything is there. You may get up to $ 80 - $ 100 cheapest price deal for a night .

Kathmandu and Pokhara

Kathmandu is it's capital so it's like to be a busy bee city. There are very old temples and monuments and historical buildings built in by kings . It is amazing to see culture and tradition of there. Pasupatinath and Swaymbhu temple is most popular temples over there. You can stay on kathmandu for cheapest $ 100 per night with food .

Pokhara :- It's like heaven. Everywhere you will see lakes and boats , green hills around and surrounded by natural beauty. In pokhara you will see maximum tourists and overseas people who have businesses over there. So there you can get italian as well as mexican food or any type of food you order. It's awesome to taste their cultural food too which is rice, pulses and pickle .


Everybody has heard about " Gautam Buddha " . The lord Gautam Buddha was born in kapilvastu at Lumbini in Nepal. There is still monuments and historical structures of Gautam Buddha's castle and you will see where Buddha got enlightment too. You will see more Buddhist monks there and it is like heaven's gate to remove your sins by going to his birth place.


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    • bodh678 profile image

      bodh678 4 years ago from ASIA

      Nepal is one of the cheapest place. So for 2 weeks you can travel with $ 2500 . It depends on how many days you stay over there and what type of accommodation you choose too.

    • Kbdare profile image

      Kbdare 4 years ago from Western US.

      Interesting hub! I was wondering if you could tell me, because I' d like to travel to Nepal someday how much an individual should budget for a seven-day trip to Nepal? Thanks for sharing! Vote up!