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Traveling Tips for your Children

Updated on February 10, 2018

Traveling with Children

When the whole family goes on vacation on a cruise, air travel, hotels, etc, be sure to inquire about family deals and packages that are offered. Some deals are still offered for children 15 and under. Group discounts may apply in some situations. Family discounts are offered with many travel destination services and could be worth looking into when you start planning your vacation destination.

Traveling Tips

On The Trip

Things to do when Traveling with Children.

Keeping the kids interested and aware of the trip will go much better when the parents are able to play with the children and getting involved as a family.

Giving each child their own kit bag with inexpensive items such as toys, paper , pencils, and a small variety of snacks and juice packs will give them a sense of freedom where they have their own stuff and don't rely on anyone for it.

Giving a small weekly allowance to manage is a great idea keeping in mind try not to buy things that are already at home.

Disposable cameras are a great idea. Their cheap and lots of fun. Giving each child their own camera and letting them document the trip in their own way might make it more fun for them. I like to bring along the postage paid envelopes that allow you to mail in the disposable cameras to get developed. This way the pictures are on their way home the same time that you are.

Encourage the older kids that have cell phones to take pictures. Let them know it may be a good idea to keep a library or a journal about their experiences on the trip.



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