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Traveling To Dubai

Updated on January 14, 2012


Do you want to travel to Dubai? Or are you planning to make a business or adventurous trip to the Middle East or United Arab Emirates and don’t know where to head to? Then look no further than Dubai. Dubai is no doubt the heart of the United Arab Emirates, and popularly known as a land where the old and the new, traditional and modern, east and west, blend seamlessly to create a fascinating and exciting destination. In my previous hub about the UAE, which was based on my first visit to the young beautiful nation during the last Christmas holiday, I made mention of the fact that UAE is amongst the top global investment and tourism destination. Actually, it is Dubai that makes the UAE a very popular nation to say, for uncountable reasons that you would discover before the end of this hub.

Dubai is a welcoming city with a charming ambience rooted in traditional Arabian hospitality topped with an ultra-modern flourish. The kaleidoscopic blend of people and cultures brings to Dubai a unique fusion of influence and popularity.

When you talk of top fashion or sporting destinations of the world, you must think of Dubai. As a matter of fact, Dubai is the entertainment, shopping, sports and culinary capital of Middle East. My few days in the glittering city called Dubai made me to understand that Dubai is going even higher as a world class city and tourist destination in Middle East. It is no doubt that Dubai is home to some of the world’s finest hotel chains and dining options that include a range of eclectic local and international cuisine. To be honest with you, Dubai offers you the world on a platter.

If you are a lover of recreational activities, then look no further than Dubai because, the beautiful city offers you the best of recreational facilities in abundance, and the entertainment ranges from traditional celebration to trendy night life options. Yeah, yeah…yeah, wait a minute, I know what you’re thinking right now- you’re obviously murmuring, ‘night life in Middle East?’ Sure, that’s what makes Dubai more unique than most other Middle East countries, and that’s one of the reasons top global investors and tourists are trooping into Dubai on daily basis. Not only that, I want to also assure you that the numerous shopping malls in Dubai features some of the world’s best brands, at competitive prices. I can see that you’re getting nervous already, but wait a minute, these offers get even better during the Dubai Shopping Festival and Dubai Summer Surprises, when people from across the globe throng into the city year after year to relive their enchanting shopping experiences.


Dubai is an extremely safe city with sunny weather all through the year. If you are talking of the most secured cities in Middle East and Asia, then you must count Dubai amongst the top five. Remember, I am not from Dubai, but I have so many family members, friends and even schoolmates who had been trooping in and out of Dubai on either business or vacation trip, even before I visited the beautiful city. Unlike in most other top class cities of the world, in the light of Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, etc, etc, where you witness incidents of public shootings, and several other forms of city crimes, Dubai is yet to record any of such incidents. Robbery and street gangsterism cases are rare, in fact, almost to zero level in Dubai.

Okay, let me share a personal story with you. In June 2011, a family member travelled to Dubai with his family on a vacation trip, and they went to a shop to buy some items, and mistakenly he abandoned his wallet on the counter. This particular wallet contained the following items: his work ID, notes of hard currency, a gold necklace, with other vital items. You wouldn’t believe that he returned back to the shop after some hours, and yet he was able to retrieve his wallet with all the contents intact, and without any hassle. Isn’t that awesome? That is just to tell you how safe and secured Dubai is.


Dubai is one of the Middle East’s most successful stories and has set precedents for the entire region with its vision and diversity. Known in the region as the ‘City of Merchants’, Dubai has welcomed seafarers and traders to its shores for generations. Today, this tradition of courtesy and hospitality lives on, and has something to offer everyone, from holidaymakers seeking quiet, relaxing break to adventurous tourists looking for a new exciting adventure.


Like any other cosmopolitan city, the philosophy of Dubai is about enjoying the finer things in life. Pamper yourself body and mind, with treatments of every conceivable type. After a day on the beach, guests can indulge in hair and beauty treatments at professional salons for a night out. Separate facilities are available for male and female visitors.

Dining options are varied and gives you a taste of Dubai ethnic diversity. The Dubai Creek offers a unique experience where guests can indulge in some fine dining and live music while cruising on a traditional dhow. The sidewalks and waterfronts of Deira, Sheikh Zayed Road, the Beach Road, Dubai Festive City, The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence, the Marina walkway and Souk Al Bahar at Downtown Dubai all offer alfresco dining, although it is more popular during the winter months. Shisha smoking is also another favorite leisure activity which can be experienced in the more traditional Middle East restaurants.

At Souk Madinat Jumeirah, the first purpose built theater in Dubai, the Madinat Theater, is home to the Dubai International Film Festival. Meander through the intricate paths of Souk Madinat and experience a bazaar-like atmosphere where open fronted shops and intimate galleries spill onto the paved walkways.

Set within the Dubai Mall, Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo immerses you in a world of fantastic sights and brings you closer than ever to over 33,000 aquatic animals. You can set your spirit free on ice at the Olympic-size Dubai Ice Rink while children can experience the world of adults at KidZania, the award-winning, safe and interactive indoor edutainment center.

Dubai is a playground for adults as well as children, which makes it one of the most ideal destinations for a perfect family getaway. You can head to the beaches and enjoy the soft white sand and shallow, warm turquoise waters or enjoy a day at the Wild Wadi water park that features more than 20 rides. You can as well make a choice to enjoy the attractions at the Global Village (operating from November to February) which offers a showcase of world cultures and a funfair featuring themed rides.

Lest I forget is the Children’s City Dubai. It is a great place to spend time with your children (for parents). It features a dedicated under five’s section, interactive displays on space exploration, the human body and applied sciences. Finally, let me mention another fascinating sight, the Sega Republica 76,000 spuare feet indoor theme park featuring nine heart stopping attractions and more than 150 amusement games.

In conclusion, whatever you fancy, whether an investment destination, tourism destination or you’re honeymooning, honestly, Dubai and the UAE in general make for a truly exciting getaway with a wide variety of choices, so what are you waiting for? Start now to plan for a trip to Dubai, you can visit any Emirate Holidays offices in your city to get more info.

Note: I have already outlined in my previous hub titled: Exploring The United Arab Emirates, how to get a UAE visa, which allows you access to Dubai as well. I also discussed the climatic weather condition and other vital information, so I would suggest you find time and go through that hub too. Meanwhile, I shall be discussing other crucial things like: Dubai sports, Dubai shopping, Accommodation, Dubai Cruises, Dubai Car Rental and Airline Management, make sure you check back on those topics coming very soon!


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    • accofranco profile image

      accofranco 3 years ago from L Island

      @dubaichamadi, thanks for stopping by

    • accofranco profile image

      accofranco 6 years ago from L Island

      @ALUR, thanks for making out time to read and to drop a comment. it is nice to have someone living there, at least, that would make it easier when you visit again, and please do try and visit again, its a cool pretty city with new things springing up daily. Thanks and share with friends.

    • ALUR profile image

      ALUR 6 years ago from USA

      Thanks for sharing the info. My friend lives in Dubai. I've wanted to travel there but there's something that makes me feel it's too austentatious.

      I don't like seeing spoils and wealth so disproportionate. Call me a soppy poet, but that's what I am.

      Don't take it for granted if someone wanted to take me, I would venture there for a look