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Traveling To Mexica Moon Dance Journal, Entry #5 - October 15, 2012

Updated on May 23, 2014
Moon Dance head scarf
Moon Dance head scarf | Source
Huipil n quexquemetl, traditional dance poncho.
Huipil n quexquemetl, traditional dance poncho. | Source

Honoring The Dress

One of the last things I intend to pack for my journey to the Mexica Moon Dance, la Danza de Luna, is my regalia. I wish it were possible to share the outfit in a picture as a whole, however, because of the sacredness, I can only share pictures of bits and pieces. But I can describe what we wear and why. So in this entry of Traveling To Mexica Moon Dance Journal, I will do my best to paint a picture of what we moon dance women look like when we are dancing circles under the bright moon!

Because our ceremony is related highly to the moon, a female energy, we are dressed in white. Our colors are that of the night and the moon's reflection, such as, white, light blue, dark blue and black along with silver and yellow. Ever see a yellow moon or harvest moon? The glow of the yellow is awesome!

We have long white skirts or wraps with a white long tunic or dress that goes down to the knees. Because we are dancing in the cold of the night, we also have a white poncho, know traditionally as Huipil n quesquemetl, to keep us warm along with gloves. On our heads, we place a white scarf or shawl with a wreath of yellow or white flowers worn at our crown. Because women come from all over the world with different cultures, it is exciting to see all the different styles one can do with their regalia. Many will have something they add from their cultural practices.

One woman, I dance with, wears a traditional head covering that goes down to the ground. In her tradition, the purpose of the length touching the earth is so they stay grounded while praying in the Spirit. I wear a white cotton scarf with light blue flowers stitched on the ends. It generally drapes down the sides of my shoulders and hangs to the waist. With the cold rain, we are often wrapping the loose ends of our scarves around our neck!

Women from around world with sacred head coverings.
Women from around world with sacred head coverings. | Source

Prayer Scarf Or Shawl

Recently, I came across a picture, a fellow facebooker posted, about women and their head coverings. Women from all over the world have prayer scarves, shawls or veils. In the Old World, the women were to keep their heads covered, to show respect to the image of God that is represented with our heads. It also was to signal to society that this person is owned by God. Other traditions say the spirit enters through the heads of men with no cover, but spirit enters women from the earth and through their womb so she should cover her head to prevent the spirit from entering like that of a man.

However, in the New World, traditionally the scarves and shawls were used for multiple purposes. Not only warmth on cool and cold days, but to use to gather herbs and other essentials. Babies were wrapped up in them and made like a cradle sling. The head covering was a necessity to the women's life and upkeep of her family. The scarf represents to me, every faucet of a woman's life. Her caring, her protecting, her praying! So the tradition of shawls and scarves are interwoven into the regalia simply because it belongs in a woman's life.

Our regalia needs to be loose fitting because we dance hard and a lot. We do not dance reserved like the Native North American Indian woman of traditional dance, but we dance like the Mexicas and the Aztecs. We have so much energy to give in that circle that we even put Pentecostal jubilant to shame! This is the basics of our regalia. No matter what we wear, we are at this sacred ceremony with our hearts open to the Creator and to our mission of healing Mother Earth!

I hope you have gathered a picture of what us Moon Dancer look like. I am in hopes of sharing more as time progresses. Much will be sacred and out of respect will remain in the ceremony circle, but there are lots of other things I can share and make public. So be sure to keep up on my Traveling To Mexica Moon Dance Journal. Less than a week away and my journey begins. So excited!


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