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Traveling To Mexica Moon Dance Journal, Entry #6 - October 18, 2012

Updated on May 23, 2014
East Direction
East Direction | Source
South Direction
South Direction | Source
West Direction
West Direction | Source
North Direction
North Direction | Source

From This Land To Mexico Land And The Four Sacred Directions

I have 3 days left before I depart for Mexico and the Mexica Moon Dance, Danza la de Luna. I love traveling abroad and visiting other cultures, however, home is home. Today is a beautiful sunny fall day and the leaves are changing to their brilliant oranges, yellows and reds. In most any tradition and certainly in mine, the four directions are recognized as sacred and creating a holy circle. I took pictures of those directions from my home. As you see the pictures, you will notice I am fortunate enough to live on a beautiful piece of land. Though I love the sacred circle that encompasses my home, that same circle will be following me as I am traveling. The horizons are always seen, but out of reach, yet propelling us forward to seek! In this Traveling To The Mexica Moon Dance Journal entry, I will express the importance of the circle with the four sacred directions that sit on the horizons everywhere; East, South, West and North.

When I speak of these sacred directions, I am speaking in general terms. But do know that each culture will have deeper meanings that apply to their ways of life. In the East, the place of the rising Sun, is the beginning. The Sun is the life force that creates growth, the popping of the seed, our birth. It is also a direction the Great Spirit Walks from. The Creator comes from light and truth! We honor this direction and the Sun for these things.

Moving clockwise and flowing our energies into the first arc of the sacred circle, we face the South. South is about water and fluidity. From the South, comes the nourishing rains and warm temperatures that gentle ease our growth into maturity. Also are the water veins of Mother Earth, coursing as rivers and streams moving South. Here we pay value to the lessons learned in adolescence. We will find Mother Earth quenching our spiritual explorations. With the caressing rains, the food that feeds us, come to life! The South pushes these blessings upon us.

Turning and flowing again, we now look to the West. The West is where the Great Mystery walks to. The dark storms that rage from the breath of this direction, cleanses all of the sacred Earth and those that inhabit it. The Thunder Beings live in the West. As adults, we become warriors and face our fears that can shadow our lives. It is as Adults, we tackle our hardest task in life, family....surviving. Taking strength from the Thunder Beings, we plow through the storms. This holy and sacred direction also holds the door to death, or crossing to the other side. Many cultures speak of riding into the sunset on their demise.

Swing around another quarter turn and we see the North direction. In the North there is placidity, solitude, time for self reflection and wisdom. The spirits of the Elders linger here. In our aging years, we often are looking back upon our past. We will gather knowledge that ages, like wine, into fine wisdom as the years roll to this golden point. The North is also a place of purification, with the cold icy winds.

Once again, we turn to complete our circle and face East one more time. For many the Four Directions are Sacred, but there are three other directions that many cultures recognize. We honor at this time Mother Earth for the plants, medicines and shelter along with Her beauty. There is Father Sky that fills our lungs up with living air and the land of the winged and place for the spirits and cloud people. The last directions is seen in two ways, either the inner self, where Creator also resides in each of us, or the Cosmos or Universe and all it encompasses, for its energies also influences our world.

Joy Falls, Joy, Kentucky
Joy Falls, Joy, Kentucky | Source
Joy Falls, Joy, Kentucky
Joy Falls, Joy, Kentucky | Source
Joy Falls, Joy, Kentucky
Joy Falls, Joy, Kentucky | Source
Tree roots above ground.  Mantle Rock, Kentucky
Tree roots above ground. Mantle Rock, Kentucky | Source

The Horizon Forever Out Of Reach!

Horizons are magical in the fact that we see them, but yet they really do not exist as a point in which we can reach. Whether you look East, South, West or North, the horizon is unreachable, yet it calls to the curiosity within us to seek, explore. I will be traveling to the Southern horizon soon, but never touching the place where the sky meets the earth. But the horizon feeds dreams and those dreams are reachable! So look to the horizon as a gateway to the spiritual, a place you can see, but only visit in the spiritual realm.

Those spiritual gateways make the circle that will travel with me anywhere I go. It is sacred and holy and is a constant like the coming up on the sun, phases of the moon and the ins and outs of the tides. As I stated before, I love the land I live around. It has many spots of beauty that say a pray by its mere existence. Each one of these spots have the Four Directions there, influencing the changes of growth.

I will welcome the same holiness I intend to find in the landscape of Mexico, for the same gateways will be present. The differences will be striking and I will enjoy the diversity. Keep following this Traveling To Mexica Moon Dance Journal and I will surely share some scenic proof that God is everywhere! Be patient for the next entry, I will be at the mercy of borrowing a pc and internet while traveling. Simply not rich enough for an awesome iphone!

View from Under the Mantle Rock Natural Land Bridge, Western Kentucky.
View from Under the Mantle Rock Natural Land Bridge, Western Kentucky. | Source


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    • backporchstories profile image

      backporchstories 5 years ago from Kentucky

      Thank you so much for enjoying the read....there may be gaps for the next two weeks, but when I return home, I will catch the journal keep looking for it!

    • CyberShelley profile image

      Shelley Watson 5 years ago

      How very interesting and poignant is this series. Thank you. Up, interesting and beautiful.