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Traveling To Mexica Moon Dance Journal, Entry #1 - Sept. 29 2013

Updated on May 19, 2014

Today, I begin my serious gathering of ceremony what nots, in preparations of the Mexica Women's Moon Dance. This is my fourth year to participate in this beautiful four night prayer dance with other women from across the globe. This is also the year I am recognized for the age of 52. In the Aztec community, this is halfway point of life and turning point of student to teacher. So as part of the teaching I have been blessed to receive, I would like to share this year's journey to the la Danza,de Luna, deep in the middle of Mexico.

My trip begins October, 22, when I take a bus from Kentucky to Austin, Texas. Twenty three longs hours of road scenes and bus stations. Sounds horrid, but actually, I enjoy the different people who travel from here to there. Last year I was standing in a line at bus station and met one of the Hell's Kitchen contestant from the year before! Many interesting characters, but I am not a fool, there are some scary ones too! So it will be interesting to see what colorful souls I will cross paths with, during this leg of the journey.

I will be resting one night in Austin and probably will meet some of the local Mexica people as I meet up with my travel companion, a fellow Moon Dance sister. She is responsible for an Azteca Dance Group, who are committed to preserving their heritage of the cultural ceremonies. I know some of these people will come that night to sing and dance prayer songs for our journey. It will be an awesome experience!

The following day, we both will cross the boarder and settle into a nice large bus seat that will travel 24 hours into Mexico City. We will probably spend time napping, watching movies in Spanish and occasionally enduring checkpoints with Militia carrying their AKs! Once we reach Mexico City, we will be weary, however, there is still retrieving of luggage and catching a van for another hour and half drive through Mexico City traffic. Trust me on this, New York traffic has nothing on Mexico City! I will work on creating a video of the traffic jams and crazy drivers!

We have a gathering point that some of us moon dancers will meet at. A nice clean hotel close to the Azteca Center in Mexico City. We cram into rooms to save money and spend one night gathering other needs from the local markets. There is no shopping like that at the open traders market in Mexico!

Soon after, we will travel together in a van with a rental driver and head to ceremony grounds. After four days of dancing in prayer and fasting, we will feast and my travel companion and I will head to another adventure before returning home. We will just finish our ceremony when the Day of the Dead ceremony, throughout Mexico, begins. That will be a colorful tale to tell!

There will also be the journey back home. The reflections of the trip and the crossing of the boarder back into the United States always proves to be pulse racing at moments. I hope you will join me on my special journey as I lay out on the pages, the moments and sights along the way. I will try to do justice to bring you into my world of the Mexica Moon Dance, la Danza de Luna!


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    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 

      6 years ago from San Francisco

      Thank you for sharing this with us.


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