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Traveling To The Mexica Moon Dance Journal, #11 - November 10, 2012

Updated on August 27, 2014
NASA recent high tech mapping of the moon.
NASA recent high tech mapping of the moon. | Source

The Coming To An Image.

The colors were vivid, that night of the third Moon Dance, Danza la Luna. Among all the whiteness of our dress and the copal smoke and the light of the candles, that surrounded the center of the circle, the glow reflected the light blue, dark blue, and golden yellow ribbons that adorned many of our outfits. As one of the elements of Earth, there were flower petals that glowed with their pinks, oranges and reds as they were sprinkled occasionally upon the ground for offering. The popokmisthl fires were glowing strong and pulsating with life, spewing colors of orange and blue. All of this, in the shadow of the moon's glow, creates the image of the Moon Dance. In this Traveling To The Mexica Moon Dance Journal, let me stress to you the importance of coming to an image.

Character Of Truth And Light

It is not who we are, such as a daughter of famous or powerful people, or an artisan known well throughout the country, that allow us to be Moon Dancers, but it is the character we are made of that allows us to dance in the circle. There is no place in sacred ceremony for ego of any kind. We have to petition to dance and demonstrate our honest intent through example. I am honored to be a Moon Dancer and take on this role with humbleness. My head is bowed and my eyes cast down in recognition of the responsibility and the heaviness of the work.

As Moon Dancers, our image is to be of the Truth and of the Light. We are to be examples to the rest of the community. Our character is to be strong, disciplined and that of beauty. When I speak of beauty, I do not mean the painted on face and featuring our best facial qualities or the most luxurious hair, but of the beauty that can radiant outward from deep within our hearts when we walk with Creator.

All In A Name

This third night of the Danza la Luna, we honor those who are receiving their names. The names given are the very essence of who we are and the image we can best fashion to ourselves. The Grandmother has read my star chart according to my birth date and time and knows the picture of my destiny. In this sacred circle of this third night, I was given the name Mayahuel. The agave plant. I am the liquor of the Earth, the liquid that quenches the spiritual thirst!

Standing next to the center alter, I was surrounded by a dozen women, who shouted out my name four times, introducing me to the Creator. I was so moved and so in awe of the name I now carry, that overwhelming joy filled my being. I will be working with this plant and learning the colorful aspects of the image I now don as a Moon Dancer

52 Year Mark, From Student To Teacher

We are born with an image that forms itself through passage of time and defined by the choices we make. Milestones are marked, such as four year dancers who have earned the keep of their sacred pipe. Along with receiving my name, I reached one of those milestones of age 52. In this cultural practice of the Mexica People, this number marks the end of the first half of one's life and the beginning of the second half. This is a point in life, where one moves from student to teacher. These people are labeled "Elders".

Again, I was at the center alter, with my Madrina and the Grandmother. There were two other women, besides myself, going through the rite of passage to being announced as Abuela, Grandmother. We all were presented, one at a time, with our 52 years old staffs of beautiful twisted wood. I am to dance with this staff the rest of the Moon Dance and bond to it, my energies. Got to admit, the staff was great to lean on when we had those few still moments! This staff will become a tangible part of my spirit as I continue to walk this Red Road.

The third night of Danza la Luna came to a close, and for the first time in a long time, I felt wonderful. I felt loved. I felt warm and safe. I felt my life has been validated and that I carry an image worthy to offer up to the Creator. I found that I can love myself and the character that cloaks my being.


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