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Traveling To The Mexica Moon Dance Journal, #12, November 11, 2012

Updated on November 11, 2012

Dancing In The Moon Dust.

The power of the Moon is always evident in the flow of the tide. We are well aware of the magnetic pull She has on our Mother Earth, like an umbilical cord never severed, after all, the Moon was birthed from the planet. She is the daughter of the Earth! When us Moon Dancers, step into that circle, we are attached to the center with a spiritual umbilical cord. This dance becomes our Mother and she gives us birth on the fourth and final night of the Moon Dance, Danza la Luna! In this Traveling To The Mexica Moon Dance Journal, allow me to paint for you the picture of strength, faith, hope and renewal. Women dancing in the Moon Dust!

This night is special in so many ways. At the fire, before we began our procession into the sacred circle, the four year Moon Dancers were presented with their 4 year staffs. I was presented with yet another staff and am required to carry and dance with both for this last night. Lucky for me, the 4 year staff is half the size of the 52 year staff! I managed well and through the night, I fell in love with them both.

Bright and special was the face of the Moon. Soon we all were in the circle and when the Moon looked down upon us, She saw our painted faces. We made up our faces to reflect the spirit animal whose character lives in us. This is the night we dance the hardest, the fastest and the longest. We use our last ounce of energy to pray with our voice and body in the song and dance. We release our prayers and claim victory!

In my destiny chart, the feet of my offering plate, are paws of the Jaguar. This means that my offering to the Creator stands steadfast, strong and fierce! I painted my cheeks with beautiful spots of the Jaguar coat. In the past dances, I was the owl, a spirit bird in my life. In the Mexica star chart reading, the owl was there too, however, this night the Jaguar was taking over my steps, prowling in and out of the moonbeams.

All the dancers were beautifully painted. There were butterflies, eagles, humming birds and other wonderful creatures with great spiritual gifts. Many of us sparkled in the reflection of the Moon, if not from the glitter on our faces, then from the glitter of our spirits spewing from our eyes! The energies were enormous! The night continued to fill with the pulse of our prayers and it seemed like the Moon refused to yield to the day.

Eventually, the sun was kissing the forever unreachable horizon, as us Moon Dancers, one by one, left the womb of the circle and welcomed our rebirth, our renewal. We are once again strong to continue the work as pipe carriers and fire keepers! We came as daughters, mothers and grandmothers and in this annual ceremony we gave new life to each other as both teacher and student. We drank from the well of the Moon and allowed our bodies to be showered in Her dust. We were recharged!

At the fire we rejoiced in shouts of love and gratitude. Our faces were still beaming from the Moon's glow, despite the light of the day. In all those Moon Dance faces, laid the magic of dancing in the Moon Dust! We all were walking in beauty. Our hearts were beating as one with the Creator!

As Moon Dancers, we become keenly aware, that the last four nights of Danza, is only the beginning of our work. We now return back to our communities and begin to fulfill the spiritual needs in which the Creator directs us. We work by leadership and example for people to make healthy and righteous choices, that will make for better understanding of the path to the Truth and the Light, the Creator.

This is by no means the end of Traveling To The Mexica Moon Dance Journal. There are reflections and the trip home in which the sprinkling of the magical Moon Dust becomes evident. These last four entries have been made while I rest in Austin, Texas. Tonight I will travel home and will still discover teachings being revealed as I reflect upon this sacred ceremony. As the sun sets and the moon rises, so do the teachings continue to come and remain a constant in our lives.


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