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Traveling To The Mexica Moon Dance Journal, Entry #8 - November 7, 2012

Updated on May 23, 2014
Entrance gate to Moon Dance grounds.
Entrance gate to Moon Dance grounds. | Source
Camp site on Moon Dance grounds.
Camp site on Moon Dance grounds. | Source

Setting Up Camp, We Became A Village!

I have returned to the USA, from my traveling to Mexica Moon Dance and am delighted to now reflect and share with all, the journey. Currently I am resting in Austin, TX and will soon make the last 23 hour leg home to Kentucky. As I think of home, I realize I am leaving another home behind. On the ceremonial grounds, the woman gathered and soon created a place for us to live the next four days. This became our home away from home. A place where we laid down our hearts and took comfort among others. In this Traveling To The Mexica Moon Dance Journal, let me share with you our making of a village.

There were a dozen of us women in our group, who gathered outside the hotel in Mexico City and loaded into two vans. We started early in the morning and headed to a pueblo that was a little over an hour drive outside of Mexico City. Nestled beside a beautiful blue lake, was a camp ground that became our sacred site for ceremony. The land gently rose high and the dance circle itself, overlooked the lake, reflecting the grandmother moon's yellow light.

We all unloaded at the entrance and trudged all our camping gear and suitcases to our spot that was cleared earlier by another moon dancer sister and a fellow supporter. We had one man with us, who carried as much as he could and assisted us in our tents and tarps for shade! Thank you Pichon for your love!

Ceremony was to begin that night, and before all was to be kicked off, there among the cactus, agave and shrub plants, emerged our moon dance city. Moon dancers were camped in one area, supporters in another. Even among the moon dancers, there was division in where you camped. Singers camped together. Fire keepers were designated to the area near the fire. In another location was a medical tent with appointed healers, who practiced medicine the old traditional way. We had kitchen staff, to feed supporters and to produce the medicinal tea that will sustain us dancers through the nights. And there was a large area for women to gather for teachings during the day. We even had an area for daycare! Our own village was beautiful and served all our needs with grace!

Within our group, we had eight moon dancers. The other four women where our supporters and held us up each night in the work they did both physically and spiritually. After our little camp area was set, we all walked down to the lake for a final prayer to the waters. Here we expressed our intent for this moon dance. Each of us had our own personal and powerful reasons for being here. We were blessed among us to have a Costa Rica Grandmother, who practices the old ways and sang a blessing for each of us. Her voice was like liquid gold and gently wrapped each of our hearts with great love.

Our little village grew fast over a five hour period. We were 450 dancers strong and when you add all the supporters, we became a family of close to 600 individuals. The energies were intense and overwhelming! Because of the number of women, us seasoned dancers knew this dance would be powerful and hard! We began to prepare ourselves for the work. Soon the concha shells blew like horns, signaling us to gather around the fire for the Grandmother's opening statement. After she welcomed us and then lit the fires in our hearts with her encouraging words, we returned to our camp site. In the last dying light of the sun, we prepared for the first cleansing....the sweat lodge.

There were 13 sweat lodges to serve all us woman and the sacred fire that heats the grandmother rocks was enormous! The lodges circled the sacred fire and was tucked in a ring of giant cactus that stood 70 feet tall and swayed in the wind, alive with spirit! This was the beginning of Ceremony and in the traditional Mexica fashion, we sweated with 52 rocks, 13 rocks at each of the four doors. The first cleansing was powerful and prepared us for the heavy work ahead.

Four nights of dance lay ahead of us and the anticipation of taking the first step into the sacred circle hummed through the night air as we dressed in our ceremonial whites. As we began to move around and gather into our lines for the procession into the dance, the rattles and leg shakers made the first noises that began to move the spirit. Again the concha shells blew and we knew it was time! Join me in my next Traveling To The Mexica Moon Dance Journal and experience the first night of moon dance, Danza de la Luna!


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