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Traveling To The Mexica Moon Dance Journal, Entry #10 - November 9, 2012

Updated on August 27, 2014

The Medicines That Sustain Us!

Night two of the Danza la Luna, began much earlier than the night before, less pre ceremony activities. We cleansed again in the lodges and dressed for ceremony and soon were entering the circle, ready for the giving of prayers in song and dance! I have special prayers in my heart each night and this night was no different. However, as I prayed through the moon's glow, my deep respect for the medicines kept pulling at my energy. Upon reflection of that night, I now realize, I was dancing for the medicines. In this Traveling To The Mexica Moon Dance Journal, allow me to share with you, the medicines that sustain us.

As I journal these moments, I have to move cautiously. I am to respect the value of knowledge that I have received and some can not be shared outside of the Moon Dance circle. But I hope I can do justice for bridging some sort of understanding in the beauty of the Way, the Truth and the Light.

My husband and I are keepers of medicines. I suppose that is why, on the second night of moon dance, the medicines were calling my name, tugging at the fringes of my soul. We are very humbled to have the knowledge and we work on keeping things well protected. We are but hollow bones and it is the Creator who directs us in that keeping.

Liquid Medicine

There is the familiar traditional herbs made into fusions of tea, tinctures and ground pill forms. These forms of medicine is common in the moon dance, especially the teas the Grandmother of the kitchen brews. As always, the teas are awesome in keeping our bodies in balance while fasting. Late upon that second night, there was a special tea so pleasing as the liquid passed down the throat. Though there are other herbs in this mix, the anise was the wonderful tool for cleansing the pallet of dryness, not to even mention the aroma that awakes the senses!

Fruit is another awesome medicine that we often do not see in the healing light. After most of our sweats there was a small cup of lime juice, water with salt and touch of sugar. Again, the medicine to replenish the minerals, vitamins and electrolytes in our bodies. Our dance is also a fertility dance, being women associated with the moon. So those dancers who were on their moon flow, were allowed to eat small amounts of fruit so to keep their blood and sugar levels up. The Grandmothers take the dance very seriously and are responsible for all of us 450 women. They know these medicines well and how to use them.

Medicine Of Smoke And Vapor

Smudging is a wonderful medicine. It is not simply smoke. Even the early Christian Churches, had cleansing rituals with rosemary, sage, frankincense and myrrh, along with a mysterious one call sweet cane. This is medicine. Ask any aroma therapist! All these smudging herbs, work to bring a harmony to the energies present. They have a calming effect and can magically protect from bad energies. In the Danza la Luna, we use copal. To the Mexica people this is a sacred tree sap with powers to cleanse, give energy and make way for the Holy.

In our dance circle, there were a lot of Copalitas, so we danced in clouds of the smoke from the copal. This reminded us, we are in prayer and gave us all wonderful energy to keep our fast pace dancing going and going. Copal was good medicine for me in a way of keeping focused on the intent of the ceremony.

The People Who Support Us.

Another medicine not often seen as such, was the supporters and their energy they gave to us as they stood around the circle throughout the cold night. These dedicated supporters worked through the day and were still there in the shadows of the dark, shouting out words of love and thanks, encouraging our spirits to fly! They became our great witness to the ceremony and validated our works! Woven into their energies and ours as the dancers, faith stood strong and was great medicine for all involved.

The Drum And The Heartbeat Of The Moon

There were many kinds of medicines working on that second night. Unconditional sisterly love and the love from the Madrinas (the Mothers) and the great and awesome energies of the Abuelas (Grandmothers)! But very few can compare to the medicine of the Drum and the Singers...the voice and the song! The heartbeat of all ceremonies! The Drum brings all our hearts to beat together, unison. The voices rising and falling in lilting notes, creates focus and poetic prayers. It is not only the sound, but you can feel the beat through the air and through Mother Earth. The heartbeat..the songs...medicine of giving life and bringing together!

Moon Medicine

I ended my second night of dancing with gratitude for the medicine I received from the full moon! In all Her glory, she sprinkled Her magical dust upon the wings of my spirit. Grandmother Moon, we honor. She influences our lives in profound ways, shifting energies and creating ebbs and tides, not only to oceans, but to our own sea of emotions. I took tonight, the milk of the moon. She fed me from Her breast and I no longer hunger for food. I am satisfied!

Soon we dance for the third night. Follow the Traveling To The Mexica Moon Dance Journal and hear how some were honored throughout the night with names and recognition of years! All is good and prayers have been well spoken!


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