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Traveling To The Mexica Moon Dance Journal, Entry #7 - October 25, 2012

Updated on November 9, 2012
In front of the Cathedral, a local man was campaigning against the church.  A few gathered to listen.
In front of the Cathedral, a local man was campaigning against the church. A few gathered to listen. | Source
Mexica Dancers in the streets of Mexico.
Mexica Dancers in the streets of Mexico. | Source
View of the mountains as I approached Mexico City from the North.
View of the mountains as I approached Mexico City from the North. | Source

The Journal Has Begun!

I made it to Mexico City with few problems. The excitement of meeting up with moon dance sisters from last year, has been overwhelming! This years Moon Dance, Danza de la Luna, is going to be very powerful. This entry is unexpected, so it may be short and sweet, but it still is a part of the Traveling To Mexica Moon Dance Journal!

We had one major issue while passing the border. My travel compaion, Rosa, carrys a sacred staff with her, adorned with feathers and other fetishes. At the Mexico border, the man wanted to know what it was and did she have papers for the Eagle feather. Rosa produced her papers and he complained that the Government of Mexico does not recognize her papers. Bus driver was waiting on her to continue down the road, so when he stepped up to ask the problem, the man looked as Rosa and said, ´¨I will let you through this time, but get your papers next time from Mexico!¨

Whew! It took us 2 and a half hours to cross the border check point. A movement of 100 yards! It was 7:00 at night when we finally headed on our way. We ended up sleeping in our so plush and cushie bus seats. There were wonderful, almost like lounge chairs. When I woke up, it was daybreak and we were just climbing into the beautiful mountains. I snapped a photo!

We arrived safe and sound and quickly dumped our stuff at the Hotel Azures, where we will stay for two nights before heading to ceremony grounds. Soon we were in the streets checking out the local artist and some of the stores and cheap cheap prices of textiles!

Along the route of our foot journey, we came to one of the plazas, where local artisians and Mexica dancers perform. On any given day, you will always find a dancer here, with their smudge pots. They routinely dance and offer up blessings as well as smudging anyone who has the need. In the smudge pots, copal is burned and the smell is so mesmerizing!

Also out in the streets was a protester of the Catholic Church. The man wore a mock cardinal hat and preached about the devistation the Church brought onto the Mexica People, when they first arrived. He was standing in front of what is now the headquarters of the Mexica and once was a Church that was overtaken. It this battle, many Mexicas lost their lives. Today the Government recognizes the Mexica People, but yet the idea is still new to the Church. One of the biggest marks against the Church, is their action of tearing down Mexica temples and building their Churches on top of them.

The history here of the Mexica people is quite profound and very deep and rich in tradition. Everywhere you look, you will see the Mexica Culture re-emerging. I am so excited to be a part of this Mexica Movement by participating and respecting the Moon Dance Ceremony.

Most of us women have gathered and we will be hitting the big outdoor Market of Mexico City. There are a few essential we need for our ceremony. The market is always so colorful and it amazes me the things one can find there! We will be shopping for baskets, copal, smudge pots and so much more!

My next entry may be a week from now....I will not have internet access for a bit, but the words can sit on pages of a notebook and waiting for that dance upon the PC keyboard! I am happy to share this Mexica Moon Dance experince and hope all enjoy this Traveling To The Mexica Moon Dance Journal!


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