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Traveling Vacation Suitcase: Deluxe Expandable Travel Suitcases with Wheels

Updated on October 27, 2010

“All cases have padlocks - Button control trolley handle system - 2 Carry Handles on each case - Double wheel roller system - Extra strong zips. Picture shows black set”

This bag is for those who travels quite a lot, it is one of the easiest bag to carry around as you travel across the world, the double suitcase will be able to carry almost all of your travelling clothes, shoes and any other accessories that you may require,

The weight of the Deluxe expandable Suitcase with wheels is very light and easy to carry, as you may realized that heavy travelling suitcase become bulky and hinders one to more freely, but with the Deluxe vacation travelling bag you will not worry about all these short coming

One of the advantage of the Deluxe travelling bag is the durability of the bag, it enable you to go many vacation before wearing out, and if taken good care of you will be able to save money on frequent purchase of travelling bags, so the secret is to take good care of this bag and make huge saving on your pocket

Deluxe travelling bag

The colour and material of the Deluxe traveling bag is one of the highest quality that you ever find and this explains why it’s last for a long time without wearing out, you can buy the Deluxe travelling bag from many online stores but Amazon offers some of the best deals online that will save you money. Buying your travelling bag at Amazon means saving money and buying original and a high quality bag

Below are some of the technical Details of the Deluxe travelling bag

 The New model for 2007 has a Navy color, comes in 2 suitcases 29"x18"x11" and 25"x16"x10". The Deluxe suitcase have all cases built in wheels and retractable handles, Deluxe Travelling bag Cases are deep to allow those extra clothes and expand when you buy those extra goodies on holiday! Deluxe material is durable 600 Denier EVA - Hard fronted polyester.

Below are some of the Deluxe travelling bags but for many varieties proceed to Amazon online store for more and many options that are available for customers, you will also be able to find both positive and drawback of the Deluxe travelling bag at Amazon store


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    • K J Page profile image

      K J Page 

      8 years ago from Pacific Northwest

      Those hired in these jobs are told 50 lb handling - not 80 pounds!! If you can't lift it yourself - why do you expect others to?? I .would call that the height of inconsideration

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Regarding Kj's lengthy comment: When people handling bags at airports and buses are hired, they are told of expectations of lifting heavy bags. Given today's limitations on the number of bags checked free of charge, expandable bags are a very good option. Your suggestion of limting bags to carry on size is insane!

    • K J Page profile image

      K J Page 

      8 years ago from Pacific Northwest

      Having worked in both the airline and tour industry, I can tell you that expandable suitcases are NOT lightweight AFTER they are packed! These are the biggest cause of back injuries in the travel industry. They must be lifted many times from check in at airport to hotel room on the other end and many times during a tour. Airline ticket agents, aircraft loaders, hotel bellmen, tour bus drivers - all have to lift suitcases that are beyond limits - one summer one hotel weighed every bag and at the end of the summer the average bag weight came out to 85lbs. Drivers and bell hops throughout the Yukon and Alaska talked many times (we did in the airline industry as well). Those who design these bags should spend an entire summer being the human fork lift who has to man handle every one of them for people who have no consideration for those who must handle them. On the road drivers in Alaska have to load and unload these bags every day - bus bays can hold up to 85 to 100 bags - even if you weigh the bags at an average of 50 lbs, this means that ONE person has just handled five thousand pound of luggage - just loading - then has to unload this at the end of the day. Bell hops and airline people handle many more bags. Expandable suitcases larger than carry on size should not make it past the check in counter at the airport.


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