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Before going on travels by yourself

Updated on October 4, 2013


You are adventurous and you would like to see some of the world, different countries, cultures and tourist attractions. Moreover, you do not want to depend on others, and therefore decide to explore the world on your own. How do you do this best?

What to consider?


Good preparation is everything. Make a travel plan for yourself, what (or who) do you want to see, explore and get to know? A good purchase here is an informative book about the country you are visiting. The Lonely Planet for example (there are several books) is a good book which describes exactly by country what there is to see, how to get there, where you can find accommodation (in different price ranges), etc. Just the reading and the planning is already half the fun!


It is also wise to check if you need certain vaccinations. Do not do this at the last moment, because some vaccinations might need a repeat after a few weeks. If you plan to travel to a tropical location it might be wise to have a so- called tropical-kit that you could purchase through the company where you get your vaccinations. This kit contains all sorts of useful stuff you might really need while moving around tropical areas (seringes, bandages, alcohol to clean wounds, etc).


With what purpose do you travel, it is purely for the traveling itself, or do you want to see a particular place, or maybe you want to pick up some of the culture or you might want to learn the language of the country, or even perhaps work there (paid or voluntary)for a while.

There are organizations that can arrange this for you aswell. Do you see yourself somewhat reluctant because you know little of the country and its language, then it is often easier and safer if someone else arranges your trip and accommodation for you. Think of a language study and / or volunteer work. The organizations can help you find a language school for you to enroll in and find a temporary (voluntary) job, even arrange accommodation for you, either for you alone or with a host family, so you have some company.


Do not take too much luggage with you, you are on your own and you have to carry it by yourself, plus when you plan to travel around rather than stay in one spot, then travelling light is a must! Also keep in mind that certain transportation means cannot take or accept taking heavy and big suitcases.Begin therefore your planning what you want to take in an early stage, think carefully about what is really necessary, things you can not live without, such as medicine, travel documents, etc. Some stuff you can just as easily (and probably cheaper)buy in the country of destination, think of some toiletries, clothing, etc. It is better to take a full suitcase (with souvenirs, gifts) when you go back than when you are there. You might also consider shipping items back home if you find some nice things to buy, but don’t want to carry it around.

Safe Travel

First, always keep an eye on your luggage and do not give it to others unless you know them. Do not take lifts from strangers, but rather travel by taxi or bus. For short trips, it is safer not to go walking in the streets with a (big) backpack or handbag, but just a small purse will do that you can hang around your neck and put behind your clothes. Here you put money, passport, etc. in. The less items you bring along for both long trips and short trips, the safer!


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