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Traveling by Cargo Ship

Updated on August 27, 2015

There are a number of ways to get to where you want to spend any holiday or free time on hand. Finding a unique and less expensive way of making it happen means more monies in your pocket to spend on fun things while there. This is a new and innovative alternative to the norm. Most people who have tried it enjoy it. Going in with eyes wide open is a great way to determine whether this is a viable option for you and those joining you for the voyage.

Freighter travel is less expensive than cruise ship counterparts

Traveling by cargo ship is an alternative to trekking to a destination by airplane or cruise lines. There are no delays to a journey as a result of the weather or hassles with extra added unnecessary security like with other methods of travel. These enormous vessels go to faraway destinations carrying freight which includes everything from fire trucks to green beans. Now these same freighter ships are transporting passengers just like the luxury cruise ship counterparts.

Why take a freighter?

The biggest advantage to taking a freighter form of travel means getting an enormous markdown on the price. If the destination is more important than the transportation this is the way to go.

Any one searching for the same amenities found with cruise ship tours won’t find them when taking a trip on these crafts. Cargo ship is a basic no frills way to get to an abundance of destinations without the enormous cost as seen with cruise ships. Traveling this no frills way is becoming extremely popular with tons of travelers..

What to expect

The passenger list is generally limited to at most 10. Retirees, students that are journeying or studying abroad as well as anyone preferring a less expensive expedition to a destination can book a cabin.

Most individuals view a freighter ship and imagine this rough and tumble place as uncomfortable and industrial. However, with about a dozen travelers and crew members they are extremely comfy for a trip. The captain is characteristically dining with the crew and passengers in a pair of shorts and a relaxed t shirt.

Cheap cargo ship travel comes with a small cabin with a view of the ocean. Meals are with the ship's crew and passengers are responsible for finding their own entertainment. There are no restaurants, casinos, theater productions and the like when choosing container ships to take a trip.

Most guests consider long walks on the deck whenever possible. Bringing a great book or two is not a bad idea. There are televisions and WiFi capabilities which are portable and countless folks like these. Whatever the case, do not bother the crew with issues and concerns in this department.

Cost of travel

Freighter travel is becoming more popular for people searching for ways to take great vacations to faraway places for less money. An individual's vacation dollars go a lot farther vacationing on these kinds of ships.

Getting to a specific place by this method is a lot less pricey than airline or other forms of excursion. Additionally, cheap cargo ship voyages usually have no limit to the amount of luggage or other carry on you bring aboard. If you want to bring a surf board or bicycle, you certainly can. The general cost is around $125 per day aboard these vessels.

Booking a reservation on freighter ships can be done through a travel agent or contacting shipping companies directly.

More advantages of travel by freighter

Most people find this method of conveyance a relaxing way to get where you are going. With a smaller amount of passengers on board there is closer personal contact with other travelers and crew. There are no scheduled activities to keep you busy and the vessel doesn’t delay a trip stopping every couple of hours to let individuals visit islands and other destinations.

Most of these vessels move from point A to point B and nothing in between. In fact the voyage is faster than lots of people imagine.

Important points of significance to consider

Red tape does occur depending on where you are headed. US citizens trekking to a different destination by this mode of transportation are not permitted to travel within the country by cargo ship. US citizens can voyage to international destinations using this type of passage, but need to find a different method of getting from place to place within the US.

Anyone coming into America via cargo ship will need a Visa. Canadians are an exception. Even if you don’t need a Visa for air travel, these vessels don’t comply with the usual Visa rules in place for America.

The merchant ship or cargo ship is transporting freight and the merchandise is more important than anyone along for the ride. This means there may possibly be delays depending on the freight and destination. Ports of call are not guaranteed and be prepared for possible postponements related to moving merchandise and other items to their destination.

In conclusion

There are very few places that a cargo ship doesn’t go. If you want to take a nice vacation with less stress and expense think of this method to your get away destination. Consider tramper ship transportation for your next vacation.

This wonderful video explains how much it costs to travel by cargo ship

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