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Traveling to Brazil on a Budget

Updated on February 21, 2012

Searching the best places to visit in Brazil can be a challenge. But, is it possible, to see everything in brazil on a budget? The answer is yes! There are places to stay, things to do, and sights to see all on a budget that will not break your bank.

When you are searching travel options in Brazil, the first thing you are going to notice is that it is going to be more expensive than a lot of the countries that surround it. With some careful planning, you can still make Brazil a terrific vacation hotspot.

Many places in Brazil that are advertised are going to be tourist traps. So, the object here is to stay away from those over priced hotels, beach resorts, and promised catering. You do not need any of these to still have an enjoyable time in Brazil. There are many places all over Brazil that are not advertised online, but you can find from other people who have been there. So, start looking for alternatives with places to stay in the vacation forums from Brazil.

When searching for accommodations in Brazil the best places to start at are ones in the guide books. Why? Because, if you already know you want to stay in a certain area, you can search around that area for many cheaper accommodations. So, start a circular search patterns around the area and check out some of the other locations within about 10 to fifteen minutes of that spot. Most of the time you will find substantial discounts with the same amenities as the tourist traps.

Another simple way to save money on a trip is with the price of food. In the Rio hot spots , you will always find some of the brand name restaurants from around the world. But, if the food is something you want to experience in Brazil then why not seek out Brazilian food. There are small well maintained restaurants all around that are locally owned. They can bring you a truly exotic experience when it comes to authentic Brazilian food. So, for the freshet and most authentic food stay off the beaten track and try some local cuisines.

One of the best things about Brazil is the local markets that are available every day. Here, you can find anything that your heart’s desire at a fraction of the price of any retail giant international or local. On top of that, you are helping to keep a small local business going in the middle of Brazil. When shopping in the local markets always pay cash most of them will not accept any credit or debit cards.

Everyone is going to be fighting for your tourist dollars. One of the best ways to take advantage of this infighting with companies is to negotiate. Now, the only thing you might need to know is a little Portuguese if you are negotiating with a local. But, a few months of free online classes will help you with that. So, whatever it is that you are trying to get whether a service or a product negotiate the price and a lot of the time they will oblige you and save you 10, 20, or more percentage from the cost.

Transportation cost can is another way to save money on your trip. Not only can you see the real Brazil and experience the life of a Brazilian you can save money. Use the local transportation such as taxis and buses. They are safe to take and even at night I never felt any discomfort as a non native taking them. In Rio taxis are around 5 dollars and they will take you most places in the city. The local bus services are easy to figure out and run pretty well on time. You can go pretty much anywhere in the city for a couple of dollars. If, you are out in the country you can even hitch a ride on a local chicken bus if you want a true Brazilian experience for about twenty five cents.

With the abundance of natural wildlife preservers, there is also a lot of tours that run through them. These tours can cost anywhere from 50 – 100 dollars a day. But, you can hire a local tour guide for 20 and see the same sites with the same hiking and trekking that you would in a normal tour. They can also provide you a more authentic experience, by telling you the history from the people perspective.

So, traveling on a small budget is a challenge but can be done with a little extra effort. If, you do not feel comfortable traveling on a budget then go to the high priced hotels and waste your money. You will still have an enjoyable time, but you won’t get to see what Brazil is actually about. Go and see the turtle hill, explore the rainforest, breath fire on devils throat, discover the rich culture this country has to offer. So, have fun and enjoy your time in the amazing country of Brazil.


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