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Traveling to Chicago, Illinois

Updated on May 26, 2017
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Chicago, IL, USA
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The Best Hotel in Chicago

I stayed at the Palmer House hotel, which was rich with interesting historical information and wonderful access to the city. The hotel features multiple ways out that lead to different streets allowing an easy way to get where you want to go. The Palmer House also had some spectacular architecture and artwork that provided eye candy when eating in their restaurant and exploring. The only negative to this hotel was the price of food. It wasn't anything over the top expensive although, it did cost more than an average outing. If this doesn't bother you in the slightest, then I recommend staying there.

The Palmer House's dining area.
The Palmer House's dining area.
A beautiful walkway in the Palmer House.
A beautiful walkway in the Palmer House.

Activities in Chicago


If the weather is nice I recommend you check out the Navy Pier. A beautiful view, many picture taking locations, and a few attractions make this place perfect for any family or couple. The iconic Chicago Ferris wheel is located here which features a magnificent view of the city and pier.

Another place located outdoors is Millennium Park. This is a super touristy area, however it also features wonderful views of the large buildings. The huge Chicago bean is also there. Again, there are plenty of photo opportunities in the park, so if you want to have a super fun photo shoot with friends and family, I'd definitely visit Millennium Park.


Chicago is home to many historical landmarks and elements that you must discover if you're a history nerd such as myself. One place I visited was the Chicago History Museum. The layout was beautiful and there was so much to see, that this could easily become a day trip.The museum displays some interesting points of Illinois's history such as Abraham Lincoln's bed and some World Trade Fair artifacts.


Do you or your children love sea animals or wildlife? Then you should take a ride to the Shedd Aquarium. Otters, dolphins, fish and more reside here. The Shedd has some beautiful shows to see such as a 4D dinosaur one and a dolphin show. Another thing I love about the Shedd Aquarium was that you could tell the employees cared about the sea life and knew what they were talking about when you had a question. This could too, easily become a day trip as the aquarium is so large.


If you're interested in spending a little bit more money in Chicago, then I propose you see one of the many talented shows available. When I went, some of the shows that were there were Aladdin, Rent and Hamilton. I personally, saw Hamilton which I would recommend a thousand times over. The show was flawless and everything about it was perfect. If you're already a fan of Hamilton or if you aren't, you must see this show!

The Navy Pier
The Navy Pier
The Ferris wheel located at the Navy Pier
The Ferris wheel located at the Navy Pier

Chicago Activity

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The weather in Chicago is very varied depending on the season.


A typical Chicago winter involves plenty of snow which could lead to flight issues. Make sure to bring plenty of layers if you're traveling in the winter months.


Rain is very prevalent in the spring months in Chicago meaning you must bring rain coats and umbrellas if you're going to most likely walk or take a cab everywhere you go.


Summer is most definitely the best time to travel to Chicago. The weather is warm and perfect for walking around parks and shopping. Just bring your sunscreen and you're set!


Fall too is not an awful time to travel to Chicago. You can wear pants and a t-shirt and be just fine. Be wary of rain but, Fall seems like a wonderful time of the year.

Remember: Chicago is known as the Windy City for a reason. No matter what time of year it is, always be prepared for a bit of wind.

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Things to Pack for Chicago (Spring)

Things to Pack
For Day
For Night
Rain Jacket or Light Hoodie
Warm jacket with rain protection
Jeans or Skirts
Jeans (or skirts for fancier occasions)
T-Shirt or Blouse
Long sleeved or blouse
Tennis shoes or sandals
Tennis shoes or sandals
Tickets to shows or museums
Swim Suit


There are so many wonderful restaurants located in Chicago. I decided to compile a list of some of my favorites with the meal item I ate there.


  • Wildberry Cafe - I decided to indulge myself in their "Signature Berry Bliss" pancakes which were topped with Vanilla Anglaise, Blackberry Coulis, Berry Mascarpone and fresh berries.


  • Portillo's Hot Dogs - You can't go to Chicago and not try a famous hot dog. A typical Chicago dog has: mustard, relish, celery salt, onions, tomatoes, pickles and sports peppers. Not a fan of hot dogs? No worries, Portillo's also sells burgers and sandwiches which I hear are quite tasty as well.
  • Giordano's Pizza - These almost 3 inch deep pizzas will have you full in no time. Layers of whatever toppings you wish are embedded into these thick crusted pizzas. If you want a lighter option for lunch, they sell thin crust pizzas as well.


  • Rosebud Prime - Are you looking for a fancy night out with loved ones? Be sure to check out Rosebud Prime, an expensive but highly worth it restaurant that has one of the best steaks ever. You have to see it to believe it.
  • Miller's Pub - Miller's pub has an array of items for everyone. I had the London Broil with a side of Macaroni and Cheese. It was very tasty and definitely something I myself would try out for the whole family. Want a more adult like experience? They are equipped with a bar as well!

Food in Chicago

"Signature Berry Bliss" pancakes from Wildberry Cafe
"Signature Berry Bliss" pancakes from Wildberry Cafe
Steak from Rosebud Prime
Steak from Rosebud Prime

Will you try any of these restaurants?

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    • Angel Guzman profile image

      Angel Guzman 11 months ago from Joliet, Illinois

      You have so much more to enjoy. I live near Chicago and there is a lot to enjoy from the southside to the northside and westside. Hope you come back explore more :)