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Traveling to Orlando and Saving Money Along The Way

Updated on March 15, 2011

Disney World


Planning a family vacation is not at all difficult if you know how to book the perfect vacation by planning ahead of time and by booking one of the Orlando hotels before traveling on your Orlando Vacations trip. When touring the area of Orlando, you will want to make sure that you know how to save as much money as possible. You will be able to do that by using this guide to guide you along your research of booking a Orlando vacation.

Orlando Vacations can be better enjoyed by making sure that you feel at home while on your vacation. If you have money and do not care about how much money it cost to spend a number of days at Disney World and the surrounding parks, then you will not much care about where you stay. What you should know when booking the Orlando hotels is that you look for a hotel that is extended stay. A extended stay hotel is going to offer you a kitchenette as well as offering the feel of a hotel. With the extended stay, you are able to prepare your own meals without the hassle of finding a new restaurant every night.

Another way that you are able to save money while on your Orlando Vacations is to make sure that you do not purchase any items through your hotel. Many of the hotels will have a gift shop or an area that you are able to purchase items from. If you purchase items from these stores, you can expect to pay more than double the original price. Often times the items that you can purchase in the hotel gift shops are those items that you can find in another souvenoir shop for half the price. Be sure to look around the numerous gift shops and you will find that it is quite easy to locate a similar item that is a lower cost.

Remember when planning to travel for Orlando Vacations that you know when the best time to travel is. The best time to travel to areas of Florida is during the off season. During the months of October through the month of December are off season months. The months of January to April is also considered to be off season months. If you plan on visiting Disney World during these times, you can expect to pay nearly half the price of the regular admission during the summer season.

Some say that you are able to save a ton of money by using the Orlando hotels shuttle service. You should know that this does not typically save a bunch of money as well as only limiting you to the amount of time in the park that they will transport you. You will not want to be restricted while on your Orlando Vacations that you will have to be ready to be picked up at a certain time or have to be ready to be dropped off at a certain time. Instead make room in your budget for the cost of parking.


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