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Traveling to Thailand: Exotic Koh Phangan

Updated on December 7, 2016
Thailand is one of the most exotic and picturesque traveling destinations
Thailand is one of the most exotic and picturesque traveling destinations

Exotic beaches, white sand, tropic landscapes, picturesque locations and blue sky… These are the best characteristics to describe Thailand, one of the most remarkable traveling destinations, which is gaining popularity among tourists from all over the world. Those people, who have never been to Thailand, believe that this country is associated with the wonders of nature only. This, however, is a misconception. Thailand, which is also traditionally called “Siam”, is a country of contrasts, where beautiful landscapes merge with fashionable hotels, magnificent skyscrapers and ancient palaces. There are many places that are worth visiting in this Asian country, but if you really wish to get the most out of our travel to Thailand, start your journey with visiting Koh Phangan.

Koh Phangan abounds in greenery
Koh Phangan abounds in greenery

What Makes Kon Phangan Special?

Koh Phangan is the island, which is located in the Gulf of Siam around 15 km from Samui in Thailand. The name of the island consists of two parts – “Koh”, which means “island” and “Phangan” that stands for “sand split”. This is because the sand splits at Koh Phangan become visible during the ebbs.

The main city of the island is Thongsala, which is found to the south-west from the center of the island. This is the place, where tourists can buy souvenirs, visit the local market and even shop at the largest supermarket chains in the world, such as Big C and Tesco Lotus! Tourists travel to Thongsala by ferries that come from the inland. Koh Phangan is a small island, but this does not affect its impressive popularity with the tourists. The island abounds in exotic greenery and over 70% of its territory is covered with jungle. Those tourists, who plan to travel to the island, have to rent accommodation in advance. By the way, wooden bungalows are among the most widespread dwellings in Thailand. They are primarily located at the beaches and give the location its exotic look.

Chinese Temple is a highlight of Koh Phangan
Chinese Temple is a highlight of Koh Phangan

Places to Visit in Kon Phangan

Koh Phangan is mainly known for its gorgeous beaches, but there are also other highlights that make the island so remarkable. These are multiple temples, several national parks, waterfalls, yoga-centers, cafes that offer Mexican, Thai, Italian and Russian dishes etc. Some of the most impressive places of sightseeing include:

  • Chinese Temple

This is one of the favorite highlights of the tourists. The temple is located to the north-west of the island, namely on the road that leads from Thongsala to one of the local villages. Chinese Temple was built on a high mountain, which offers fantastic landscape views of the surrounding locations.

Elephant safari enjoys popularity on the island
Elephant safari enjoys popularity on the island
  • Phangan Elephant Safari

There are several elephant farms at Phangan. No wonder, almost each tourist, who visits this wonderful place, dreams of riding an elephant, feed the animals with bananas or just look at them in the Elephant Safari that is located not far from the above mentioned Chinese Temple.

  • Herbal Sauna

Wat Pho Herbal Sauna is another popular place on the island. Having bought a ticket that costs around 70 bahts (national currency of Thailand), you can spend the whole day there enjoying your herbal sauna and drinking exotic teas. There are two types of saunas there – male and female. so, you don’t have to worry about the “gender” aspect.

There are dozens of observation platforms in Kon Phangan
There are dozens of observation platforms in Kon Phangan
  • National Than Sadet Park, Peang Waterfall and Phaeng Noi Waterfall

National Than Sadet Park is located around 3 km from Thongsala. The entrance is free there, so, you can visit the place any time you wish. The highlight of this national park is a beautiful and multilayer Peang Waterfall. It looks great in any season, but it is especially magnificent in winter. In spring, when there are almost no rains, the waterfall dries out. To reach the top of the waterfall, you have to walk up the jungle path. This is a kind of a small adventure for each tourist!

  • Observation Platforms

Koh Phangan is also known for dozens of its observation platforms that make it possible for the tourists to enjoy picturesque views of the surrounding locations! The most popular observation platform can be found near the Phangan Utopia Resort to the north of the island. This is one of the favorite locations of many tourists.

As you see, a trip to Thailand and Koh Phangan in particular can be very memorable. It is a perfect solution for business trips and family vacations, even if you have little children. The place is known for its favorable climatic conditions, picturesque landscapes, exotic locations and abundance of places of interest. Koh Phangan is definitely worth visiting!


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