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How to Travel with Kids

Updated on August 31, 2012

As a parent have you ever thought, "I'll just run to the store with the kids for a few items and come right back home." More than likely a few items turn into a bunch and what was supposed to be your 10 minute trip to the store turned into full blown shopping trip. Kids can be unpredictable at times and sometimes we as parents aren't always prepared for what can happen with kids. Here is a tip to help with those unpredictable accidents and everything else that could happen when you're out with your kids.

Take a mini diaper bag or even a cotton or nylon craft bag and keep it in the trunk of your car. This is what I call my emergency diaper bag. I only use it for emergencies. It can include things like:

*four or five small diapers (pull-ups or a pair of underpants)

*an extra pair of clothes

*extra pair of socks

*small pack of kleenex

*an extra cheap sippy cup

*a small extra toy

*a travel pack of wipes (wipes hold up surprisingly well) *optional*

*small washcloth

*an extra small receiving blanket (one of the thin blankets) to put in the shopping cart if you choose to sit your toddler in there. Germs are everywhere and sometimes we forget to bring the shopping cart cover.

*extra pair of clothes and underpants for big kids too (sometimes they have accidents too if you're shopping and there isn't a public restroom)

*one of the small pocket size first aide kitwith band-aids, small alcohol wipes, and triple antibiotic ointment

I would also recommend changing out the clothes and diapers in the bag every month or two as kids do grow fast. I always keep this bag in my trunk in the corner of my grocery net. Every time I forget to grab the diaper bag, I always have my emergency extra one to grab from if I need it.


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    • Mommiegee profile image

      Mommiegee 3 years ago from Alabama

      Thanks Hiraroomi!

    • hiraroomi profile image

      Hira Roomi 3 years ago from Chicago IL

      Grear hub