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Getting to Paris from Paris Beauvais Airport

Updated on September 20, 2017
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Arrival at Beauvais

Paris Beauvais airport is located near Tille, north of Paris in the Picardy region. It is located in a fairly rural area. Despite its brand name, the airport is found 85 km (53 mi) north-northwest of Paris. It does however benefit from lesser traffic than the other airports serving Paris, notably the very busy Charles de Gaulle. The commuting time compared with the other airports is not unfavourable, particularly as there is a direct route on roads which for the main part are not busy and there is public transport available.

The airport itself consists of aircraft hangar style buildings forming two terminals. The similarity to a military style airport probably emerges from its history as an air base in World War II and at another time by the Americans. The style is fairly new, clean and functional and there are a few shops and cafes to serve the passengers.

Airport Map

A markerParis Beauvais -
Aéroport Paris Beauvais Tillé, Route de l'aéroport, 60000 Tillé, France
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Arrival at the Airport

On arrival at the airport and following passport control you emerge out of the arrivals hall still within essentially a large hangar styled as an airport. It is clean and with modern facilities. There are signs indicating that you can purchase tickets for a shuttle to Paris and a machine to facilitate this. Payments can be made by card. There is also a ticket office located by the coach shuttle stops themselves further away. There are different prices quoted online for the journey. We paid 17 euros each for a one way ticket.

Walking out of the arrivals building and following the signs the nearby coach stops have shuttle buses parked nearby which pull up to the stops and they leave frequently corresponding with plane arrivals. There are staff to assist and a ticket office. There are also places nearby from which to purchase refreshments.

Coach Shuttle to Paris

At the airport, coach shuttle departures to Pershing Bus Station at Porte Maillot in Paris take place 20 to 25 minutes after the arrival of each flight. What if your flight arrives late? Beauvais airport assures that shuttle departures are delayed accordingly. Return coaches from Pershing bus station leave about 3 hours before each flight so you will need to factor this in to make sure you arrive in good time to go through security for your departure.

Many passengers use these private scheduled coaches for a 75-minute trip to Paris, ending beside Porte Maillot in the western part of the boundaries of Paris by the Palais de Congres located in the 17th arrondissement. This arrival point is approximately a kilometre west of the Arc de Triomphe. At the airport there is also a taxi rank and minibus services to other destinations, and also a shuttle bus into the nearby town.

If there are more than three of you and you think you will have to get a taxi to your hotel once in Paris, it might be worthwhile taking a taxi directly from here as any additional cost might be offset by the greater convenience. It is worthwhile to check the fares first but some larger cabs were advertising similar prices per person to the coach shuttles. Having said that, there is nothing wrong with the coach shuttles. They are clean, modern and convenient. For an optimal transfer, they are direct and run non-stop between Beauvais airport and Pershing bus park located in Porte Maillot, in Paris. The bus station is walking distance from a metro station (underground trains).

Journey and Arrival in Paris

During your journey you will notice that you are going through some pleasant open countryside. The air conditioned coaches make the journey all the more enjoyable. It is a direct trip with no stops and takes about 75 mins. After a hour you will reach the outskirts of Paris and be able to observe the neighbourhood from your coach taking a route towards the Peripherique, the ring road around Paris. The bus station is not far away. Finally you will arrive at the bus station located by the Palais de Congres where there is a large indoor shopping centre. Once you have collected your luggage from the coach. There are some taxis by the barriers where the coaches enter and a taxi rank on the other side of the Palais de Congres where you can book a ride to your accommodation.

If you prefer to take the metro, the underground train system, there is a station on the other side of the Palais de Congres building, not too far away to wheel a case.

Paris Beauvais Airport Guide


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