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Travelling Hacks

Updated on April 3, 2016

1- When packing clothes, roll them to stop them from crinkling and it saves more space.

2- On your luggage add a colourful piece of ribbon or tape to make it easier to find your bag and for others to not take yours thinking it's theirs.

3- Write a list of what you need to pack/take with you on your journey and tick it off once it is packed.

4- Have a portable charger

5- If you are travelling by plane, wear your bulkiest clothing pieces so you don't weigh your baggage down

6- Hand sanitizer and hand wipes are your best friends whilst travelling, especially when flying. There are germs everywhere and if you want to eat and don't want to constantly get up from your seat and go to the bathroom, they are flipping life savers.

7- When packing, keep your breakable items in socks or shoes. Not only does it keep them from breaking.

8- For those necklaces that always get knotted with other necklaces, thread them through a straw them tie the ends together and now they won't get caught up with each other.

9- Bring a mini first aid kit or emergencies bag with all sorts of things you will need if you have an accident or become sick.


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