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Traveling Issues: Ways to Find Free Wi-Fi Spots on the Go

Updated on June 3, 2016
Staying connected with your loved ones when traveling is crucial
Staying connected with your loved ones when traveling is crucial

It goes without saying that traveling is one of the most engaging, exciting and superb hobbies a person may have in life. It is always thrilling to explore the locations you have never been in before and learn more about the customs and traditions of people, who live in different countries. However, the prevailing number of people face the need to stay in touch with their loved ones irrespective of the place they are in. The availability of the reliable Internet connection becomes much more crucial when it comes to traveling around those locations you don’t know yet, especially if you are traveling alone. With that said, it becomes clear why most people wish to know more about the available Wi-Fi spots in those cities and countries they are going to visit. Listed below are useful recommendations that may help you find these spots in any place of the world.

Wi-Fi access points are available in many places nowadays
Wi-Fi access points are available in many places nowadays

How to Look For Wi-Fi Access Points

As far as the online technologies have become an indispensible element of our lifestyle, it seems weird that Wi-Fi access points may be unavailable in some place of the world. And it is really so! It is close to impossible to find a country or a city without the wide Wi-Fi network. You just have to know where to look for these spots in order to save your time and effort. Some of the most popular places with the round-the-clock Wi-Fi access include:

  • Fast Food Restaurants

Fast food restaurants (such as McDonald’s or Starbucks, for example) serve hundreds (if not thousands) of visitors per day. They just have to provide each customer with reliable and safe Wi-Fi access. Otherwise, the amount of their clients may notably decrease or they may just not be satisfied with the level of servicing provided there. These fast food restaurant chains have locations in different countries of the world, which makes the availability of free Wi-Fi spots not a whim, but a necessity. So, if you travel abroad and need consistent Wi-Fi access, fast food restaurants are those places you should start your search with.

  • Popular Coffee Shops and Cafes

Regardless of the city you travel to, there are always small cozy cafes and coffee shops that enjoy popularity with the local residents as well as with the tourists. Willing to withstand tough competition, they tend to show their attention and respect to their customers by ensuring the highest level of comfort and the top-notch servicing. Consistent Wi-Fi access is one of the free services offered in such cafes. By the way, browsing through the web while drinking aromatic coffee is really very convenient, soothing and timesaving. So, do not miss a chance to try this option when traveling abroad next time.

  • Shopping Malls and City Parks

Large shopping malls and even city parks, which are popular with the tourists, also offer free Wi-Fi access. You can even find such spots in those streets, which are quite busy, so don’t be surprised to come across the corresponding Wi-Fi access symbols.

  • Hotels

Nowadays, almost each hotel provides open and free Wi-Fi spots to the tourists, who stay there. Several years ago, by the way, Wi-Fi connection in many hotels was protected by special access codes, thus making the service available only for the tourists living in these hotels. Nowadays, however, the situation has changed for the better, which is really convenient for everyone. By the way, there are special mobile apps and online maps you can make use of to find out, which hotel or any other place, offers free, paid, protected and non-protected Wi-Fi hotspots. If you travel a lot, it makes sense to install one of these apps on your smartphone or any other gadgets to stay informed right on the go.

Free Wi-Fi zones are easy to find in any country of the world these days
Free Wi-Fi zones are easy to find in any country of the world these days

What you should also know about the availability of Wi-Fi Space is that it is not always absolutely “free”. This does not mean that you will have to pay for using the service. That is not necessarily. The thing is that some restaurants and cafes, for example, allow using the service only to those clients, who place orders there. Well, this makes sense, of course, so take your time to check the available restrictions and rules of using free Wi-Fi in the places you visit abroad well in advance. May your search be a success!

Where do you look for free Wi-Fi access points when traveling abroad?

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