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Travelling: The Best Vacation Checklist

Updated on September 12, 2015

The needs of a journey

Travelling? The best vacation checklist

Travelling is fun when properly planned. Prior planning helps one avoid the disappointments associated with shortages , inconveniences or unplanned costs. How would feel after meeting all the travel expenses only to find that you lack some of the essentials for the journey?.

A traveler’s checklist will help you avoid such circumstances. The demands of a journey depends on some various factors.They include

  1. Purpose of the journey – Or the reason you are travelling. The needs for safari journey are different from those of business travelling.
  2. Duration of stay – The needs of a person travelling for one month are different from those of a person travelling for days.
  3. Place – Each place has its specific needs and demands. This may be due to terrain, weather, insects present etc. It determines what you are going to include in your travelling pack.It is therefore good that you consult a person or do some research on the area that you are visiting.

What do am I going to pack?

Clothes? camera?
Clothes? camera? | Source

Essentials first rule

There are some general things that should never miss in your travelling pack. People sometimes tend to forget about them only to realize how costly their mistakes were.

They include;

  1. Emergency contacts – Yes, you can never be 100% about your safety especially when travelling abroad. So who would you contact in case of an accident or disaster? You should always have emergency contacts of maybe your country embassy or consulate.
  2. International driving permit – May be you would be staying for long in the place that you are travelling. The cost of hiring taxis may be high and there might be inconveniences associate with the public transport means. The best way to prepare for this uncertainty is to carry your international driving permit
  3. Timetable – Yes, you should have a clear timetable which shows where you are supposed to be and at what time.This will help you avoid wasting time on some unintended activities only to realize this when time is already gone.
  4. Money access means – Be sure of the availability of the means of accessing money in the place you will be travelling. It is advisable that you use the easily convertible currencies for conveniences.
  5. Medication – You may be under certain medication. You can never be sure on the availability of same health services in the place you are travelling. It is therefore good to carry with you drugs which highly depend on. It is also good to carry sunscreen creams and sunglasses if your vacation involves much exposure to sun. Insect repellants and first aid kit are also essential if it is a wild life tour or safari.
  6. Adequate clothing – You should take into consideration the weather of the place that you will be visiting when choosing the types of clothes to carry.The type also depends on the anticipated vacation activities.
  7. Journal / camera– So how are you going to capture the memorable moments of your vacation?.If possible,it is good that you include a good camera in your travelling list.If not possible, get a good journal and capture the moments.
  8. Documentation – Make sure that you have included all the essential legal travel documents in your packlist.The may include passport, vaccination certificates, Identity cards etc.Take your time to check on their validity.
  9. The others include; toiletries, chargers etc


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