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Travelling by Greyhound

Updated on May 23, 2017
Greyhound Bus Lines can be a great way for the budget minded to travel.
Greyhound Bus Lines can be a great way for the budget minded to travel. | Source

I Enjoy Travelling by Greyhound

It is true that in this high speed world in which we live in, time is money and everyone is always in such a hurry to get from point A to point B. Catch the next flight to your destination and in a couple hours you arrive ready to take care of business. It is easy to understand the importance of air travel, but sometimes it is nice to take a trip and enjoy the journey.

Perhaps you are wanting to take a trip, but limited funds are of a concern. Most times you are able to take a Greyhound for less than what it would cost you in gas for your car. This will vary depending on what sort of gas mileage your car gets, of course. Sure you could also take an airplane flight, but there is no adventure in that.

There is actually a sense of adventure in travelling that can only be experienced by taking the highways. I have travelled thousands of miles by Greyhound and enjoyed every minute of it. Sure, I have also travelled by plane and that does offer a sense of adventure as well, but nothing like seeing the countryside pass by your window. It really allowed me to see America like I had never seen it before.

Meeting New People

Sure, we meet people all the time, no matter what form of transportation we take. You can start a conversation with the person next to you on a plane, but ride next to somebody on a bus for twenty hours and you might make a lifelong friend. There is nothing like sharing good conversation as you watch the scenery pass by your window.

A few years ago, I took a trip West to San Francisco on a Greyhound bus. It took about two days and by the time we crossed the California state line, I had made a couple new friends. People that I would never have met had I simply took the next flight. Too often in our travels, we forget that part of the whole experience is in meeting new people along the way.

See All of America

There is so much to see and do between Chicago and San Francisco. Things that can never be experienced from twenty thousand feet. Get off the beaten path and see the sights that are not found in the tourist guides. Take a little time to see some of the small towns that dot the highways and byways that cross this great land.

Riding a Greyhound bus cross country allows you the opportunity to experience the ever changing landscape. Heading West, you can witness the Rocky Mountains as they rise from the Great Plains. Marvel at the scenic vistas as you traverse the mountain passes, surrounded by mountain peaks buried in the clouds.

I recall stopping at a roadside rest near Vail, Colorado, and wondering how so much beauty could be found in one place. As I sat there admiring the panoramic views, I found myself understanding what John Denver was singing about.

As the Westward journey continued, descending out of the mountains onto the high plains of Western Colorado and on towards the Utah desert. The changes that one hour of driving brought truely amazed me, having been raised in Northwest Ohio. I was used to land that was flat for mile after mile.

Memories to Last a Lifetime

Those hours and days spent on a Greyhound heading West created happy memories that will last me a lifetime. The destination and itinerary that you choose will likely be quite different, just as it should be. You will choose your own roads to travel and make your own memories along the way. If you desire to experience travel as it was before the arrival of the jet set days, you just might want to book a trip on a Greyhound!


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