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Travelling to Russia in winter- Must haves for you

Updated on September 15, 2011

Your winter guide

Russia is known for its body freezing temperature. The temperature in Russia falls intensively to as low as -30 / -40 degrees normally in the northern region. At such a low temperature your body refuses to accommodate to your desire to move and work. If you wish to venture out in Russia for tourism or whatever purpose then it is recommended to take the things with you which will apparently help you fight back with the freezing temperature.

Thick Warm Coat -To start with, buy a coat or a jacket which is warm and thick. If you manage to find a fur coat then it’s the best to beat the Russian winter. The coat blocks the chilling air (and blizzards which are regular there) from entering inside and acts like a protective barrier. The thick padded jackets which are used by the skiers fit the purpose.

Body warmers- It is important that you keep your body warm by wearing thermal body gears. The gears work as a shield between your body temperature and external temperature. Choose the quality and don’t compromise for less as you’ll see the difference when you’ll face the real scenario. Women must carry woollen stockings.

Shoes and Socks- The shoes you wear usually during summer or autumn are worthless here as they're incapable of keeping your feet warm in snowy weather. Often the snow melts & along with the snow you have to tackle with the melting snow mixed with the dirt on the streets in Russia. So you’ve to look out for a pair of warm winter shoes with a thick sole and a high (or knee) length to protect your feet from getting wet. The socks must be thermal too. If you’re carrying only a pair of shoes & afraid of getting them wet then carry along a shoe dryer. It is available everywhere.In appearance it's like a small PC mouse; you’ve to put it in your shoes and it’s done.

Winter cap & gloves- Try to find the gloves in which all fingers remain together not isolated. If you’ll put on a glove where fingers are apart you’ll face frost which makes your skin red and the body part which is exposed to it starts aching badly. If at all your fingers start aching, try rubbing them against each other or take shelter where it is warm. A winter cap protects your ears from the frost. Additionally you may carry a muffler to cover your neck and throat.

This is a real time experience. Do not leave behind your camera or camcorder as you’ll be able to see, experience and capture the most beautiful memorable moments of snow-clad Russia.

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    • Rooskaya profile image

      Rooskaya 6 years ago from Russia

      Hi,it's great to hear about you and your Russian spouse.Russians are very cool.Yeah,Russia is really a very beautiful country.Thanks for the comment.Oodaachi vaam.

    • johndwilliams profile image

      johndwilliams 6 years ago from Essex England

      Hi I have spent time traveling in Russia, it's a great place! In fact my wife's Russian and I am here now - Thanks for the great Hub