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Treasures of New Mexico Part 2

Updated on July 18, 2010

Gold, Treasure, Mines, Loot

Here you will find the Legends of New Mexico, Lost Gold Mines, Hidden Spanish Treasure, Buried Loot from the Robber Barons of New Mexico.

1. Two outlaws made off with $60,000 in gold coins and made camp
along the San Juan River NW of Shiprock. During the night a
posse surprised them, and in the gunfight both were killed. The
lawmen searched for the stolen, but never found it. The cache is
said to be located near a rock shelter marked with an "A" scratched
in the sandstone and has yet to be recovered.

2. A large cache of gold ingots weighing 50 lbs each is located in an
old abandoned mine, possibly of Spanish origin, high in the Ute
Mountains W of Cortez and near Farmington. The hoard, found in
1890 by George H. Osteen, remains intact today..Osteen removed
several hundred lbs but failed to relocate the site when he returned

3. Outlaw Sam Wharton and a partner robbed a stagecoach in 1874 of
$50,000 in gold coins and bullion. Pursued by a posse, the bandits
buried the hoard near the base of a sandstone outcropping in the shape
of and arch to the SE of Knickerbocker Peaks, then rode hard towards
peaks to the NW. They were overtook by the posse 2 miles W of the peaks
but refused to tell where the gold was buried. Warton was released from
prison in 1910 and went back to locate the treasure but the elements had
knocked down the arch and it has never been recovered.

4. A Mexican sheep herder named Pedro Aruelo buried 2 pouches containing
$45,000 in gold coins on a cliff above Largo Canyon. The burial was witnessed
by his grandson, then just a child, Aruelo drowned some time later and the
grandson when grown returned but could not relocate the burial spot.

5. A Confederate pack train carrying between $1 Million and $4 Million in gold was
caught in a severe winter snowstorm about 1 day's journey beyond the ford on
the San Jaun River along the old Sante Fe Trail. Because they were going to have
to walk out as they had eaten their horses and mules to survive the winter, they buried
the huge store of gold in 4 separate caches. When the soldiers reached the Rio Grande
settlement the next spring, the war was over and the gold was left where it was buried.

6. A Union Army pay chest containing $125,000 in $20 gold pieces was buried during a
fierce battle with the Confederates at Glorieta Pass.

7. $250,000 in gold coins stuffed into the barrels of 4 cannons was secreted by a party of
Mexican government soldiers when the group was attacked by Indians. The area is
in the vicinity of Cerrillos, somewhere along the old wagon road between San Pedro
and Cerrillos.

8. Charles Kennedy operated a roadside inn on the old trail out of Elizabethtown to Taos
in Taos Canyon. He murdered travelers for their money and even killed 3 young boys.
When residents heard of this they captured him and hung him on the spot. Legend has
it that as no money was found inside the inn it is buried in caches around the old building

9. Madam Barcelo, aka Senora Toulos, operated a highly profitable bordello, dance hall and
saloon in Sante Fe in the 1800's. When she had amassed $150,000 in U.S. Gold Coins
she decided to send it to the only safe bank which was in New York. She hired a reputable
  freighter to transport her coins on the first leg of the journey to Independence, Missouri.
Just 3 days out of Sante Fe the freighter notice that they were being followed by a band of
Indians, and that night buried the 25 buckskin bags of coins in a hole and built a campfire
over the top of it. The Indians attacked that night and killed all but one named Cortez who
managed to escape. Cortez made his way back to Sante Fe but was in dire condition.
He told the story to the local lawmen, drew a map to the treasure site and then died 2 days
later. Madam Barcelo sent a party of close friends with the map to recover her money but
they never returned. A search party found the men massacred, scalped and stripped. Since 1839 numerous searches for the treasue have been made without success. It is supposed to be located in the area of 3 large rocks, one of which was "half a large as a house" somewhere between the towns of Ute Peak and Cimarron, possibly near the West edge of Deer Lake, 40 miles East of Taos.

Gold is where you find it


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    • billyaustindillon profile image


      8 years ago

      Great Gold loot treasure stories - sounds like there is plenty out there and no doubt a business in hunting for it. Love the gold photos as always - the luster is so evident.


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