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How To Choose a Trendy Travel Bag

Updated on February 9, 2015

How To Choose a Trendy Travel Bag

The trends in travel bags appear in lightning speed. As leather industry is booming , Bag manufacturers are rising to the level of International markets. As travel bags define the luxurious trend, super brands from France and Paris are coming to markets also.

The bag companies, earlier, concentrated on leather processing only. Now with fine leather, whose quality is comparable with even the famous Italian leather, they have made a mark in the shopping malls of Europe. The Samsonite black label travel bag is being used in other states. In Kerala. This is a golden era for durable classic bags. The trolley bag, suitcase, truffle bag, back bag are known as soft luggage. These are made with materials like nylon and polycarbonate. There are many brands available in the soft luggage section similar to clothes and vehicles.

Samsonite, American tourister, VIP and Aristocrat are the leading super brands. Even the international brands like Nine west are available at shopping malls.

Trendy Travel bag
Trendy Travel bag

Travel Bag Designs

Designer companies including JAG have come to the market. The prices of leading brands vary from 200 $ to 500$. According to the shop owners, of late business has increased for the office bags used to carry laptop. Most of the leather bag manufacturers have launched leather bags for laptops, in the market. The CAMDEN laptop carriers launched by Hidesign were a huge hit in foreign countries.

Most people buy the expensive bags to use for three to five years on average. Hence,markets love the classic bags which do not go out of fashion very soon. Men prefer black, brown colored bags. But, now-a-days, Honey, yellowish brown, different shades of brown are also preferred. Leather bags with different types of finishing like glazing, matt are also preferred. The features like buckles in steel and brass, exposed stitches, high quality zip play an important role in determining the price of bags.

The standard size, i.e. 79 cm height, is most preferred in the bag size. This may vary from 55 to 83 cm. The shop owners certify that four wheeler trolley bags are the trendiest and hence, mostly sold out.


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