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Trinidad Carnival Costumes - West Indian Partying

Updated on June 4, 2014

Trinidad Carnival

"It's CARNIVAAAL"! You are sure to hear this from one of the locals in Trinidad around carnival time. Trinidad Carnival is one of the best carnival experiences in the world and it is Trinidad's most significant event of the year. Carnival is celebrated for two days prior to Ash Wednesday. There is Carnival Monday and Tuesday and the whole country stops working so everyone can party. Also, there are numerous parties all week if you are up to the challenge.

The music played in Trinidad Carnival is Soca and Calypso. Calypso is an Afro Caribbean music which came from Trinidad. Soca, on the other hand, tends to sound like Calypso tends to sound like Calypso but with the East Indian beats of Chutney music (mixture of beats from Bhojpuri and Hindi film songs).

Trinidad Carnival Costumes
Trinidad Carnival Costumes
Trini Girls
Trini Girls

Trinidad Carnival Dates

2011: March 7th and March 8th

2012: February 20th and February 21st

2013: February 11th and February 12th

2014: March 9th and March 10th

2015: February 13th and February 14th

Make sure to book your air fares in advance because tickets can reach over $1,000 roundtrip. Also, if you plan on "jumping" in a band; you need to reserve your costumes a couple months in advance. If the band is really popular, such as Tribe, you should reserve your costumes much earlier in order to get into the band. If jumping in a band isn't quite your cup of tea but still want to represent, we suggest heading over to Carnival Tees in order to get a unique Soca Shirt.

As far as accomodations goes, book early! If you aren't staying by friends or family, you need to reserve your hotel ASAP because these get filled quickly due to the mass influx of tourists who just love Trinidad Carnival.

Trinidad Carnival 2011

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