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Trip to Seattle

Updated on February 23, 2018

If you want to travel independent be ready to get wet in the rain.

That’s how my adventure began. Although actually it started with a desire to go for vacation, to see my friend, and to see new places. And then in February it all came together. A way from New Bedford, MA to Seattle, WA took a whole day (from 12pm to 10 pm). Don’t forget a difference in time between these two cities.

The flight was tedious and confusing. I was supposed to fly with Alaska Airlines, but operated by American Airlines. It was not easy to figure out where I needed to check in for the flight. But the difficulties didn’t stop me. A bus, three planes, and I’m in Seattle.

There are so many things to see if you take your trip seriously. Obviously, I was not serious enough. I made a list of attractions. I figured out how to get there from my friend’s house. But I didn’t check on their opening hours. So some places were just closed. But I was not upset. I had fun observing Seattle from the space Needle and Monorail. I liked taking a walk downtown and along 3rd Avenue.

I saw the Seattle State Library, a funny moving sculpture near the Art Museum. I saw a Smith Tower building from Russian cafe’s window during my hot tea. I saw a Pioneer Square and lots of homeless people at that area. As well I visited the Woodland Park Zoo which is located in a middle of neighborhood.

But the most important I had time to communicate with my friend and her family. We went to the Golden Gardens Park located in Ballard on Puget Sound, drove around some Seattle’s neighborhoods for sightseeing. We went to the Russian store, and cooked together at her kitchen, and then enjoyed eating a favorite Russian salad “Shuba”. Briefly, it’s a layered salad with vegetables and herring. We, two women, had a lot to talk about.

But eventually I had to go back home to New Bedford. I was happy knowing that my lovely husband and funny dog are waiting for me. I was happy that I planned everything alright, everything including boarding my dog, getting to Boston, not being late for my flights and for a bus ride back to New Bedford.

I am so proud of myself!


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    • elenatomichka profile imageAUTHOR


      9 months ago from New Bedford, MA

      Thank you very much for reading and leaving your comment. Your opinion is very important to me.

    • Genna East profile image

      Genna East 

      9 months ago from Massachusetts, USA

      Elena, this was an interesting story. You learned a lot and should proud of your journey. I know home-grown Americans who would have a difficult time with navigating three planes and a bus to arrive at their destination. I'm pleased you enjoyed your visit with your close friend, and had the opportunity to see more of this country. Well done.


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