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Tromso City and Best Places to Visit in Norway

Updated on March 31, 2016
Aurora Borealis at Tromso, Norway
Aurora Borealis at Tromso, Norway | Source

Tromso the Best City in Norway

There is a beautiful and exotic city in Norway named Tromso. Norway is a country in the Northern Europe, west part of Scandinavian Peninsula. Norway is famous with Viking warrior and cold weather nearly through the year. Tromso located in northern part of Norway and often called by people as “Paris of the North”.

Tromso is one big city in Norway. Tromso is the best city of Aurora Borealis and the best in Scandinavia. Aurora Borealis is display of beautiful light especially in Polar regions. It is like giant screen of sky with amazing color of light. From Tromso, you can continue your travel to the North Pole, just about 2000 km from Tromso. Tromso will prepare all your equipment.

The Exotic city of Tromso the Paris of the North and "Gateway to the Arctic".
The Exotic city of Tromso the Paris of the North and "Gateway to the Arctic". | Source

Tromso is city with many cultures. The streets never sleep with many pub and amusement. Tromso just 400 km from arctic and also called the “Gateway to the Arctic”. At summer time, Tromso is best location for hiking; and at winter as best place for skiing. If you come at July, you will enjoy sun shine all day long even in midnight. So amazing! Sun shines 24 hours start from May 20 up to July 22 each year. Enjoying the sun shine, you should go to Stonersteinen Fjellheis. There is also a restaurant that offering various routes of hiking. There are many exotic arctic and culture in Tromso, exotic museums and architectures, and beautiful arctic Botanisk Hage.

Mack Brewery Beers
Mack Brewery Beers | Source

Best Tromso - the Heaven for Beer Lover

Tromso is the heaven for beer lover. If you are not beer drinker, it is okay you enjoy one glass of many beers in Tromso. Try to visit the Mack Brewery, one of famous brewery company in the world.

The Mack Brewery (Mack Bryggeri in Norway languange) founded in 1877 and has produced 18 types of beer. Maybe you know Mark Pilsner, Isbjorn, Haakon, and some of black beers. How about we go there and made beer drinker festival?

Forsvars museum
Forsvars museum | Source

Others Place to Visit in Norway

There are two museums in Tromso: Polar Museum and Forsvars museum. The Polar is Museum where you found preliminary researches about North Pole, especially the expedition of Nansen and Amundsen. Polar Museum also exhibited the hunting of Arctic animal long time ago. Forsvars Museum is fortress with bunker that was built by Nazi in 1940 with six huge canons. You can saw Tirpitz, Nazi warship, which sunk in Tromso in 12 November 1944.

Arctic life displayed at Polar Museum: Family and their home with catch
Arctic life displayed at Polar Museum: Family and their home with catch | Source
Arctic Cathedral - Tromso
Arctic Cathedral - Tromso | Source

Tromso Architectures

Architectures and buildings that great to explore is Tromsdalen Church or the Arctic Cathedral. The church has unique roof which look likes made from 11 triangles. At the east side of cathedral, there is big picture of Jesus Christ go down to earth painted in glass. You will found a beautiful giant iron organ in Arctic Cathedral.

Another beautiful church is Tromso Cathedral. All part of Tromso Cathedral is made from wood with gothic revival style. This cathedral was built in 1861 and has 800 seats. This is the biggest wood cathedral in Norway.

Tips: Tromso Accommodation and Transportation

Do not worry, I know you asking the cheap hotel, right? Tromso Vandrerjhem is the cheapest accommodation. City Living Tromso-Apartments has rooms started from US$ 160. Of course there are luxury stars hotel for you which prices started from US$ 200.

Tromso City, Norway
Tromso City, Norway | Source

How about meal? Restaurants are very easy to find in Tromso. You can go to Flyt where you can make your own hamburger; or Biffhauset where you can find all of meat types. For Aunegarden exclusive cafe, you should booking in advance before you go there.

Main transportation in Tromso is bus, but there is taxi too. General transportation for people is bicycle. Wow, for bicycle lover, Tromso is heaven for you to city tour. So wonderful, let go to Tromso! Now prepare your passport, ticket, and Norway dictionary.

Bonus: Exotic Place and Wonderful Travel Destination


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