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Tropical Hawaii

Updated on May 26, 2013
Location of Hawaii and the islands.
Location of Hawaii and the islands.

50th State

Hawaii is the 50th state of America and the most tropical too.

Life in Hawaii is very extraordinary and you will most likely love it anybody who loves beaches and sun will.

As we all know Alaska and Hawaii are the only two states that are out of the union and confederate they are just states that were later added.

Hawaii life is very different from current life it has more sun more stuff happening and also more expenses.

It is located in the middle of the Pacific ocean and has multiple islands that are a part of Hawaii.

The capital of Hawaii is of course Honolulu and is very huge.

It has big beaches just like the other. Only this city has more buildings and more life.

By life I mean more crowded and more stores in areas and not our type of stores.

Tropical Life

Life in Hawaii is very tropical and has a lot of sun and beaches to chill and relax. It is a great place to visit for vacations and or family trips with the kids. Living here eh... maybe depends mostly on your budget and lifestyle.

There are tropical trees and coconuts almost everywhere you see. Roads are pretty nicely paved and just like they are here but the names can be different. Most of the names are like LIKE LIKE but it is pronounced Lekee Lekee and yes that is a highway.

Stores are all over the place too. However, the stores are not like they would be here in the 48 states no not at all. The stores are like small shops were you can get food or snacks. There are shops for most of the important things like clothes and house items.

You wont be seeing any Walmarts or Kroger there though. Since it is exotic and an island you can enjoy many different outdoor and sea activities. Fishing, kayaking, and vollyball are just some of the fun activities to enjoy at the beach or ocean.

Living In Hawaii

It is pretty easy to think life in Hawaii is all fun and activity filled, but all those come at a price too. Like I said life in Hawaii is great but expensive. Since all the items and food mostly come from the united states they will cost a lot more then you usually get them for. Hamburgers may be around $7 depending on the store. Houses and property cost more to, but at the same time houses are better and more tropical too. The houses there look beautiful and have a great view. I personally think Hawaii is a great place to visit but living can be kind of expensive.

Most volcanoes are weak and small even if they do erupt.
Most volcanoes are weak and small even if they do erupt.


Hawaii and volcanoes go hand in hand. There are lots of volcanoes in Hawaii but luckily most are not active. Since Hawaii is an island an in the Pacific it is part of the "ring of fire."

The ring of fire is known for strong volcanoes and active magma volcanoes. While still most are extinct there may be some that still exist.

However none are really strong like Mt. Rainier or anything big and even if they do erupt most of the lava will flow in the water. This isn't really something to worry about in Hawaii because they do have announcers who will inform of any suspicious volcanic activity. So Enjoy life in the great place Hawaii.


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