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Tropical Storm Hermine Flooding in Austin, Texas

Updated on January 18, 2014

The Skies

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Labor Day Kickoff

Labor Day is usually hot and dry in the Texas Hill Country. This year was different. Tropical Storm Hermine made her whereabouts known as the clouds began to move in on the last Summer Holiday of the year. There were beautiful dark puffy clouds crossing the skies of Central Texas for most of the day. Some locations experienced showers as the afternoon heated upC!

Lots of Water

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Puddles in my back yard.Water off the deck.A flower bed with lots of water.Another flower bed with water.
Puddles in my back yard.
Puddles in my back yard.
Water off the deck.
Water off the deck.
A flower bed with lots of water.
A flower bed with lots of water.
Another flower bed with water.
Another flower bed with water.

Downpours in 2010

I was awakened at 5:00 this morning as a deluge of water began to fall in the area. Tropical Storm Hermine arrived with force and has spent most of the day in our area. She passed through Brownsville yesterday, leaving several inches of rain, and moved North during the night. The eye of this storm is currently passing through the Blanco and Fredricksburg area.

Austin is on the dirty side of the storm, the Northeast side. There are winds with speeds up to forty miles per hour and heavy rain has been falling most of the day. There are occasional pauses in the downpours, but not for long. Parking lots and streets are collecting large amounts of water. Central Texas is currently under a Flood Alert

Temperatures have remained in the seventies today due to the rainy weather. The weather man reports that the temperatures will be in the eighties tomorrow with high humidity due to the amount of moisture remaining in the area.

As this storm system continues North and West, rain extends as far as Dallas. Much of Texas has been affected by our wet weather. It has been several years since we have had a tropical storm in the Central part of Texas. As I remember, the lakes fills up very quickly under these conditions. Lake Travis was at 78 percent of capacity yesterday. I imagine that the lake levels will rise as the rains and water shed areas spill back into Lake Travis and the surrounding lakes

The farmers are excited about the rain. We have needed this type of rain in the area for a long time. Our water tables will be refilled.

At 6:00 pm, the rain continues with lots of wind and plenty of rain. I can barely see across the street. It reminds me of the years I spent living on the Texas Coast. Get out the umbrella because you will need it! You can't dodge raindrops today!


The flower bed hours later.
The flower bed hours later.
The flood in the backyard off of the deck.
The flood in the backyard off of the deck.

More Information

As I closed this hub, the rain began again and the flooding from this storm became a reality. Our backyard filled with water, as did our neighbor's yard. At 7:00 pm. the weather map reflects a huge area of intense rain moving northwest across the airport area. A possible tornado has been spotted around the Austin Airport and warnings have been released to those on the Southeast part of the city and up into Manor, the direction of the funnel cloud. Some schools in the Hill Country will open two hours later tomorrow due to the storm and rains today. It takes time for the water to drain off properly and make the roads safe to travel. Extreme caution must be used after dark, as the roads are extremely dangerous.

During a pause in the rain, some neighbors across the street opened their gate to let the backyard water drain more quickly.Tropical Storm Hermine is causing a lot of trouble today. Tropical Storm Hermine was changed to a Tropical Depression just after seven in the evening. It is weakening.

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  • PaulaK profile imageAUTHOR

    Paula Kirchner 

    7 years ago from Austin. Texas

    Thanks pmccray for your sympathies. It has been an unusual weather year. The ragweed pollen is the worst in twenty years. I am looking forward to the first freeze! Have a good week!

  • pmccray profile image


    7 years ago from Utah

    What a pain in the rear. I'm a Texan and over 50 I've never seen such weather either. We just got an alert regarding funnel clouds over Utah. Sorry to hear about your yard flooding, beautiful photos though.

  • PaulaK profile imageAUTHOR

    Paula Kirchner 

    7 years ago from Austin. Texas

    2besure, I agree that there seems to be an increase in disasters and bad weather. I also think that the media coverage is so much better than it was years ago and we hear about everything all over the world.

  • 2besure profile image

    Pamela Lipscomb 

    7 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

    I am over 50 and don't remember so many storms, flooding, fires and tornadoes in my life.

  • breakfastpop profile image


    7 years ago

    Now this is what I call a weather report!

  • PaulaK profile imageAUTHOR

    Paula Kirchner 

    7 years ago from Austin. Texas

    You are funny!

  • profile image

    Helen M. Kirchner 

    7 years ago

    You'r more interesting than the weather man!


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