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Truck Roll

Updated on December 26, 2014

Truck Roll

Truck Roll

This was not my fault you could say that I was just along for the ride. It was a warm night in sept. My ex just found out his aunt was killed. We went out with what was suppose to be are friends. Who turned out not to be. Yes we was drinking too. That was not the worse part of the whole night. We went to the creek to unwind and relax when someone my ex didn't like showed up at the same spot. My ex jumped in the truck and so did I. He Was not leaving me behind.

We took off after him. Going to fast He slid through the stop sign and hit hill in front of us. It didn't hurt the truck or us. He back up and started going forward when all a sudden the truck yank to the right and went up another hill which in turn rolled the truck. At the same time our supposed friend was behind us. In a van. She wrecked he van too. Well right before we hit the first hill . There was my angle screaming " PUT SEAT BELT ON!!! PUT SEAT BELT ON!! " My seatbelt would not latch together, I kept trying to get it to catch. Finally like 5 sec. before we hit the first hill It latched together. When the trucked rolled I was still in my set. My ex on the other hand didn't have his set belt on. He bounced around in the truck and knocked himself out on the driver window. When his head hit it.

I tried to kick the front window out but I could not reach it. Then I realized the truck was still on and could catch firer any moment. I was stuck in my seatbelt and my ex was knocked out. I tried and tried to reach the ignition to turn it off. Finally I got it turned off. I could barley reach my ex just enough that i could slap him enough to wake up. To get us both out before the truck blew. He had to climb out my door with me in my seat still. He got out and I was looking for my knife to cut myself out. It fell and was on the other side of the truck. my ex had his think gosh. I knew it was going to hurt when I cut the last strain on the seat belt. When I did I fell to the other side of the truck and hit everything on the way down.

Finally I got out of the truck. After words I thought If I didn't get my seatbelt on when I did. I would be really messed up and so would have been my ex. I would have flew around in the truck. Yet I have to think my angle for yelling at me again. The next day I looked Like someone took a baseball bat to me. Had bruises everywhere.


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    • Lgali profile image

      Lgali 8 years ago

      good hub