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Trump: Puerto Rico is a Territory

Updated on October 1, 2017
perrya profile image

Perry has hundreds of articles on HubPages and has been a technical writer for over 10 years for biotech and I.T. firms. He loves to write.

It's Not Appropriate in a Disaster

President Trump's attitude about the Puerto Rican disaster after hurricane Maria is the reason FEMA was not ready for its aftermath. Trump's personal feelings about this quasi- 51st American state and his comments on Twitter are despicable.

Puerto Rico has been in this quasi-American state since 1917. It was in that year the U.S. President legally made all Puerto Rican citizens, then and now, American citizens. But, for some reason, it was NOT given official recognition as an American state status. No doubt, this quasi-state makes the island less than the other 50 states is some way. The same can be said for Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands. These lesser states can vote in American national elections but since they are not a state (say, like Texas), the U.S. government has less responsibility towards them.

It is a weird situation to be in. However, Puerto Rico every few years vote on whether to become America's 51st state, each time, the residents reject the option. No doubt, the rejection is out of national pride and culture.

So, President Trump's attitude is what it is. But Trump's attitude toward the island is why nothing was done for seven days. Hurricane Maria crushed the island and there were days of build-up prior to Maria hitting the island. It was total negligence and callousness of Trump to deploy necessary men and material in states not impacted by Hurricane Irma, which smashed Florida and skirted PR, a week earlier. Irma surely complicated decisions because of the vast destruction parts of Florida had, but the response to Florida was instant, while with PR, nothing for one week.

Trump gave priority to REAL American states, Texas and Florida, when hurricanes caused vast loss but a low priority to a territory. It is what it is. Trump's comments since playing catch-up using FEMA and National Guard reflect a man who is not going to rebuild PR without some tough financial decisions that may anger PR even more. With everything needing to be rebuilt or restored, costs will be in the billions that Trump does not want to use for a little island that does want to be an American state, but wants all the other benefits. Trump will no doubt try to make a deal that forces PR to repay the U.S. Government, or refuse needed emergency funds that were provided to Texas and Florida. Trump has already complained about the lack of PR cooperation between the Governor and Mayor of San Juan. Trump will try to rescue PR on a shoestring budget- to save money.

This will be a bad legacy that Trump will face in the future, all because of Trump's pathetic attitude toward this American territory.


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    • Alternative Prime profile image

      Alternative Prime 5 months ago from > California

      Yours is an Alarming Observation, one in which we hope all human beings thoroughly understand, but I believe you’re correct Perrya ~ AID to Puerto Rican Americans is LIMITED, Corporate Welfare for Wall Street which will soon be implemented by Mr. Trump if not STOPPED is Virtually Unlimited ~

      Mr. Trump, CON-Man Paul Ryan & most Republicans will do everything humanly possible to LIMIT and or Halt Vital Aid to Americans in Puerto Rico and elsewhere, Cripple Our HealthCARE, Undermine and SLASH Medicaid, Medicare & Social Security, crucial programs which our most vulnerable, middle class & senior citizens depend upon ~ ALL in the name of implementing “Corporate WELFARE Tax Cuts” for Weirdo Steve Mnuchin, the Walton Family & Koch Brothers, all CONservative Shills ~ TRILLIONs More of OUR Wealth unnecessarily given away to greed driven, un-patriotic rich people with Grandiose Delusional Expectations that they will someday “SHARE It” with the rest of us ~

      If anyone actually believes this money taken from Puerta Rico and soon to be Gifted to Wall Street will be used for anything other than “HOARDING” or “Wired & Shipped” to a Foreign Land to be deposited in an OFFSHORE Account by the beneficiaries as is common practice now, you are sadly mistaken & I’ve got some nice shiny new “Blank Trump University DIPLOMAs” to sell ya’ ~

      Puerto Ricans will continue to suffer and die unnecessarily as will many other AMERICANs who are not “200 Foot YACHT Owners”, at least until Mr. Trump is REMOVED ~ that’s just a HARD-Core FACT ~ “Trumpeteers” wanted a “BIG Beautiful WALL Built”, instead they'll be STRIPPED Bare of their HealthCARE, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security & ASSETs, which is exactly what will happen if Delusional Mr. Trump is not Fiercely OBSTRUCTED by the “FORCEs of Good“ ~

      Maybe "Trumpeteers" should have veered away from Racist Nazi “CONservative Radio Crazies” who are just using them to sell AIRTIME & LIE Filled Books" and paid a little closer attention to the “Trump University” Law Suits, Trump’s Blunderous Casino Bankruptcies in Jersey & his apparent close personal business TIEs to Russian Criminals / Operatives such as Felix Sater ~ If they did, perhaps Puerto Ricans would NOT be mired in the “Atrocious Humanitarian CRISIS” they now find themselves in ~ A Crisis in which the entire United States is RAPIDLY Sinking into ~

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 5 months ago

      The bottom line to Trump and PR is that he does not think PR really is part of the US and the citizens are really not Americans but Spanish. He blames PR for its debt and wished PR had not been given the status of an American state. For him, US aid is not going to be unlimited.

    • Alternative Prime profile image

      Alternative Prime 5 months ago from > California

      Anan ~ I sincerely HOPE your mom is well & you establish contact with her soon ~ It was inevitable that Mr. Trump's Demonstrable "INCOMPETENCE, Inexperience & Mental Instability" would lead to MULTIPLE Catastrophes around the globe, it's Unfortunate that he wasn't REMOVED from office before the Humanitarian Disaster in Puerto Rico Occured ~

      HOPEFULLY he'll be REMOVED more swiftly now to avert an even greater calamity such as his Reckless Provocation of NUCLEAR Conflict with Kim Jung Un who is more than prepared for WAR with 1 MILLION Loyal Soldiers ~

      It's sad to say, but Puerto Ricans live in Puerto Rico, I think we all know by now that this is one primary reason for Mr. Trump's Neglect & IMPOTENT Response ~ According to Reports, his Golf Club in Puerto Rico filed for Bankruptcy so apparently he has no VESTED Interest in the Island, perhaps another reason for his Dis-Interest ~

      The STORY is Here for Interested Readers:

    • ananceleste profile image

      Anan Celeste 5 months ago from California

      It's been 18 days since you wrote this article, and I havent had contact with my mom in P.R. yet. I watch the P.R. local news every day for information and notice that not much has changed. Except the dead toll and the out pour of help from everyone except the president. He went there, he mocked them and still life goes on. But something good came out of this, now everyone knows where is P.R. and why people are dying of dehydration and lack of basic medicines etc. Now the world knows why and who said yes, who said no. There are 50,000 new puertorricans that were relocated ( by private humanitarian entities) to the mainland for medical care and to move with family members. Because 80% of the island people had no roof over their heads. That's roughly 6 to 7 million VOTING puertorricans. We will not forget. Let's see what history will write about what happened here.

    • Alternative Prime profile image

      Alternative Prime 5 months ago from > California

      You're Welcome perrya ~ It's X-Tremely UNFORTUNATE, but it shouldn't be a surprise that this is the kind of "Racially Differentiated" response we get when a Psychologically Unsound, Racist Pseudo-President occupies OUR Oval Office ~ I think we already knew how he felt about Puerto Ricans & ALL HUMAN Beings of COLOR from his HATE Filled Campaign ~

      Inconsistant Responses to 3 similar "SUPER-Charged Storms" in which "HELP, Rescue & Supplies" were seemingly Managed, Delivered & DISTRIBUTED differently and much more SLOWLY to ONE Geographic Location where "Ethnic AMERICANs" live ~ As if we and our military lack the "Technology & Machinery" to efficiently cross bodies of water ~ DESPICABLE ~

      Under Mr. Trump, we are Experiencing HISTORICAL Up-Ticks in Super-Charged Storms & Natural Disasters, Violence, HATE Filled Incidents, Terrorism & Global CHAOS ~ I'm Astonished he's still in the White House but if we still have LAWs, hopefully he'll meet JUSTICE Soon & the Planet will be spared from even more of this INSANITY ~

      I Apologize for the Political Aspect but it's nearly impossible to separate it from Catastrophic Current Events ~

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 5 months ago

      Thanks, I cannot disagree with your thoughts.

    • Alternative Prime profile image

      Alternative Prime 5 months ago from > California

      NICE Article Perrya ~ Perhaps we should have told Mr. Trump 500 NAZIs, KKKers & White Supremacists were stranded on the island, perhaps that would have "SPARKED" a "Lightening FAST" Humanitarian Response & Rescue Effort for Puerto Rico from our Deranged Pseudo-President ~

      I believe Mr. Trump's ATROCIOUSLY Appalling Method of trying to DIVERT Attention away from his "Demonstrable FAILURE" in lack of response to the Catastophe in Puerto Rico & his CRIMINAL Corporate WELFARE Tax Scheme by recklessly ATTACKING the NFL, Owners & FANz will be reflected in ANOTHER of his "Articles of IMPEACHMENT" ~ An ever GROWING List I'd Assume ~