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Tuflite Surfboards For Sale

Updated on July 12, 2011

Tuflite Surfboards are some of the best surfboards on the planet; and this is important because surfing, as you probably already know, is a dangerous and high risk sport. It is paramount that you have the best surf board available to you (now that could mean different things to different people) and that you have a surfboard that works for you, and, in the end, doesn't cause you any harm.

What are Tuflite Surfboards?

Tuflite is the name of the core of the surfboard (or, rather, what the surfboard is mainly made out of.) Tuflite Surfboards are one of the more popular surfboards because of this Tuflite core. It's a very light core and very centered; this can give a surfer incredble speed, as well as concise control.

Tuflite Surfboards are also well known for their very modern and sleek designs. Usually designed in one color,Tuflite Surfboards make you look like a professional surfer.

Below you will find the top Tuflite Surfboards for sale to buy online. The top will be a mix of the cheapest Tuflite Surfboards, the best Tuflite Surfboards, discount Tuflite Surfboards, the highest rated Tuflite Surfboards, and the best reviewed Tuflite Surfboards.


Top Tuflite Surfboards:


Best Tuflite Surfboard - Surftech Byrne Six Channel Surfboard

This is, in my opinion, the best Tuflite surfboard on the market. Although it may seem exspensive compared to other surfboards on the market, you're paying for some of the highest quality, as well as the coolest style, and longest durability.

At 6ft 2inches long this Tuflite surfboard is a perfect fit for any rider; the nose is 11 inches long, and the center 18inches. This combination of lengths give you unbelievable balance and control;also it gives you speed you never thought possible on a surfboard, let alone Tuflite surfboards.

The fins are made of Tri Future; this may not mean much to you, but these fins are very durable and able to withstand any unwanted collisions. 

All in all - this is one of the best surfboards in the world and for sure one of the best Tuflite surfboards to buy online.


Coolest Tuflite Surfboard - Surftech Minami Flyin' Hawaiian Surfboard

Now one could make the argument that this tuflite surfboard is one of the best, maybe even better than the previous - but, in the end, it's all on your on opinion. My opinion? Try out both Tuflite surfboards; in fact try out all the Tuflite surfboards for sale you can before you make your final decision.

As for coolest, most stylish, most trendy Tuflite surfboard? The one from surftech is one of my favorites. It has a sleek design, almost all white, with a neat logo on the back of the nose. It may not look like much, but from a far, and at close range it looks quite spectacular.

It's a bit of a longer Tuflite board compared to others; it's 6 feet long, with a long center (18 inches). With a 1 year warranty you can't go wrong.


Cheapest Tuflite Surfboard - Surftech T. Patterson Pat O'Connel Surfboard

Now this by all means isn't that cheap of a surfboard, but out of all Tuflite surfboards to buy online it's one of the cheapest; it is, also, one of the best quality Tuflite boards on the market today.


Check out the features:

  • 5 Feet, 10 Inches long
  • Nose and Center balance
  • 14 inch tail for precise control.
  • Tri Future Fins
  • 1 Year Warranty


Discount Tuflite Surfboards

Tuflite surfboards are some of the best surfboards on the market today.  They are made of the ultra light Tuflight core; this, coupled with their long noses, and durable fins, makes them fast and very precises - the ultimate combo for any surfer looking to make his mark.

Discount Tuflite surfboards, then, you would think would a rare thing to see.  Luckily they're not.

 Far from it. 


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    • crystolite profile image

      Emma 6 years ago from Houston TX

      Lovely stuff that i enjoyed reading,thanks for sharing.

    • Pearldiver profile image

      Rob Welsh 6 years ago from Tomorrow - In Words & NZ Time.

      Interesting, but as someone who has surfed for many years, I must tell you that it is your skill that 'makes you look like a pro surfer' - not your board! Clearly, you have never surfed as you haven't answered any questions that anyone above complete novice would ask! Why would you be worried about what rocks can do to your fins? If it's a quality board... your fins are replaceable, but your board is usually the first thing that gets munted by rocks! Why would you hit the rocks in the first place? Is there No ability to use a leg rop with these boards? What glass weights are used on them? How are they shaped and who shapes these boards? Which Pro surfers endorse these boards? Do you understand what I am saying? If you can answer these few important questions... then your sales pitch may have more credibility and you might be able to sell me! Or... you can simply keep promoting stuff that you know nothing about to people who think you look like a pro, when you are not! - Stand by what you say in your Bio... specially on high ticket items... and good luck on your revised copy... Regards PD.