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A Story Told on a Bridge rather Port

Updated on August 29, 2016

The Word Tulay

As it is, the phrase could be a pun of the Tagalog word tuloy or could be understood as it should be taken; to bridge over or to cross an expanse.

Interestingly so, I grew up in a place about a hundred steps away from a Tulay or a makeshift bridge. The word bridge just doesn’t capture the poetry and nuance of the Visaya version-tulay.

Tulay in the Town of Moalboal. The Place for Fun!
Tulay in the Town of Moalboal. The Place for Fun! | Source

What is the expression of the imagery?

For this reason, I will use Tulay as a full expression of the imagery of a creaking, dilapidated, barely standing, concrete bridge.

The Tulay in Moalboal that linked the town center to a place somewhere beyond the shoreline, ironically it led to somewhere like nowhere, was the favorite pastime of the neighborhood young and old alike.

It was nearby surrounded and dwarfed by mangroves that stood by the wind’s whim.

The gurgling sound of water, where Moalboal name was derived from, as it smashed against bigger rocks in the sea gently soothes the soul.

Birds fluttering and chasing each other around the myriad of leaves and branches complete the picture. It was for sceneries like this that the word idyllic was made.

What do you think of Tulay?

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Memorable happenings in Tulay

Children would run in circles around the Tulay, and sometimes perilously perched on the ledge that made the Tulay stand to its own purpose.

As I was in my early teens at that time, I spent my Tulay times by being “cool.”

By it I meant wearing short shorts along with a sleeveless shirt while making, well what else, but cool remarks on the commentaries from the transistor one of my friends never failed to bring along with him.

Luckily it was sufficiently a narrow Tulay for that matter. So the girls had to wear something though they were the exact opposite to my short shorts.

However, in those times and even truer now, boys have proven that not only Superman is possessed of an X-ray vision. Besides, the fun is in the chase. But that is another story.

Tulay view in Moalboal Town, Cebu, Philippines
Tulay view in Moalboal Town, Cebu, Philippines | Source
Along the Tulay walls decorates the marvelous green sea weeds and fishermen at a distant.
Along the Tulay walls decorates the marvelous green sea weeds and fishermen at a distant. | Source

The Dramatic Night in the Moonlit Sky of Tulay

Sometimes at night under a moonlit sky, with moon shadows dancing in the breeze, I would gaze at the heavenly stars after wandering off from household chores that only Tulay could offer such frisson of relief.

Oftentimes, it would be storytelling of something trivial, lies of all sort narrated with pride enticing the ears of good Christians might chance to be passing by, and other games kids today only read from books.

Mostly though, I would swap jokes and life experiences with people who were drawn to that Tulay.

The horrors genre of the stories were shelved to their rightful places as the place itself could summon the most hideous of monsters at a moment’s notice.

It was during those times that I tracked friends and forged friendships that last to present.

Tulay or Bridge...merely a wharf in Moalboal, a sanctuary.
Tulay or Bridge...merely a wharf in Moalboal, a sanctuary. | Source

What do civilization find and the future generation?

And then civilization found its way into my little corner of the Earth.

It was, as the Chinese would say, “a pain of a thousand deaths” to watch that the grandeur of memories of Tulay slowly smashed into bits to make way for an advanced leisure.

Children of the new generation were glued to the confines of technological pleasure at home or nearby café.

What to wear while walking in Tulay?

  • wear casual clothing
  • normally cold on sunrise and sunset so wear think clothes
  • wear slippers if you want to step onto the water
  • wear shoes if you want to go for a hike

Will it end a sad story or a sign of a bountiful Tulay in the next future?

The remarkably ‘seawall’ was completely covered with an edifice of which completion might remain as days dream.

Some portion at sea eventually smelled like a stable. It was during those times that I felt like I was literally burning bridges.

After those times all that was left were much-relieved memories tinged with melancholy. Growing up meant more bridges to cross for who would want to live in the past or live on memories.

Town Covered Court at a distant used as the center for entertainment and special events of the municipality of Moalboal.
Town Covered Court at a distant used as the center for entertainment and special events of the municipality of Moalboal. | Source

Trying To See Across The Bridge

As I see it, every time I decide to do or not to do something I cross a bridge. Even more so, the bridges in life are often forked.

Nothing is easy and nothing is as it seems to be. The age of innocence totally lost.

Always I try to see across the bridge or around a road’s bend. Foresight is only for the truly gifted.

If only life is as straightforward as merely crossing a bridge then we would be on the greener side of life. Alas, it is not so. C’est la vie!

© 2014 Alphapx


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